Sunday, September 11, 2016

My Moral Compass Is Intact

I don't read as many other columnists as, say, Jonah Goldberg reads, and unfortunately, I can not follow the news like he can, because I have other things to do.  It is not my life, or rather, it may be, but no one is paying me for my opinions.  So, when I say I don't know of any conservatives who have been defending the moral equivalence statements made by Trump, as stated by an outraged Goldberg at in Trump Smashes the Moral Compass of Conservatism. I mean that. No one I know is defending Trump's statements about Putin. Another thing, though, where was Goldberg s moral outrage when Bush 43 said similar things?

Understand, Goldberg is one of my favorite writers. I have been following him since the early 1990s, when he was having conversations with his couch. So, Please go and read it for yourselves, as I don't have time today to pull a bunch of quotes.

Read it?  Good.  Let me just say that like a lot of folks, I don't trust Mr. Trump.  He was not my guy.  Here's what I have come, reluctantly, to realize.  We know what Hillary will do.  We already don't like what Obama is doing, and Hillary will do far worse because Obama has laid the groundwork for her to do far worse.  On the other hand, we don't know what Trump will do.  But there is a chance that Trump will do more of the right things.

There really is no other hand.  Neither Gary Johnson, nor Jill Stein has a snowball's chance.  I know many libertarians who have thought long and hard about voting for Johnson.  The election, for better or worse, is between Trump and Hillary.  Any vote not for Trump is, unfortunately, viewed by the voting system as a vote for Hillary. Hillary will certainly view it that way, and claim a mandate.  And here I come back to this:  You know what Hillary will do, and it ain't good.  Hillary views us as "enemies" rather than as people with different views, whose views need to be weighed into the whole.  Trump, on the other hand, seem to want to solve the problems of all Americans.  Given our choices, it seems worth taking a flyer on him.


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