Monday, September 5, 2016

The Racism at the Heart of Democrat Politics

I am told constantly by white liberals "you just don't understand.  Thousands of poor blacks can't even get down to the DMV to get a photo identification card, let alone get a drivers licence!"  Really?  Thousands? Apparently Samuel Tolley doesn't agree. He writes at the American Thinker a piece entitled Court Ruling Against Discrimination Discriminates Against African Americans Tolley:
Since the court ruled that African Americans disproportionately lack the ability to obtain proper ID, why should they need proper identification at all? If the court’s logic is fully applied, African Americans should be exempt from obtaining driver’s licenses, or any other government-approved form of ID necessary to purchase; alcohol, tobacco, medication, or perform any function which requires proper ID.
The court all but stated that African Americans are inferior and in need of special benefits; therefore, all us black folks can thank the Democratic Party for saving us once again

Except that isn't really what the court, or the lawyers who brought the suits were really saying.  That was, as the "liberals" like to say, code.  They couldn't tell us what they were really up to, because the American people, would be up in arms.  If they were speaking honestly, here is what the lawyers' brief might have sounded like:

"Look, your honor, we Democrats have so mucked up the Great State of North Carolina, in the hundred years we were in control, that in all probability, the voters won't give us another chance for another hundred years.  But North Carolina has become a battleground State for National elections. We desperately need to win here to win for Hillary.  So, we need resurrect as many voters from the cemeteries as possible, and bring as many ringers in as possible, to skew the vote in our favor.  That's also, your honor, why we keep fighting the new voting districts.  Of course, our districts were also gerrymandered, and race was a factor, a fact we can't admit to in public.  Please, your honor, we can't get around the voters without your help, to get back in power and continue to ruin this great country."

But of course, the lawyers can't say that in open court, and the court has to couch the language of its ruling in politically correct tones, but it is racist to the core, and they should be ashamed.  All of the blacks I know earn a living and pay their own way just like the rest of us.  So maybe the Democrats should stop using poor blacks as an excuse, and maybe Democrats should stop being so racist, since there are more poor whites, and try lifting people up instead.  The first thing in lifting someone up is to set expectations high.  In this case, I don't think it is too much to expect each voter to prove who he or she is.  African Americans have as much to lose from diluting their votes as whites or Asians.

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