Sunday, June 25, 2017

Democrats Have Become a Criminal Organization

On, Guy Benson explains how many on the left really feels about the Steve Scalise shooting in an article entitled Demorat Offical On Scalise: "I Wish He Was f***ing Dead!" Benson:
Echoing a sickeningly common sentiment among the Left's most hateful vile online trolls, a Democratic Party official in Nebraska has been caught on tape applauding last week's shooting spree carried out by a liberal activist who targeted Republican members of Congress as they practiced for a baseball game. Not to be confused with a separate Nebraska Democrat who expressed amusement at the shooting -- tying her glee to a disagreement over gun rights, and later doubling down -- this cretin expressed bitter disappointment that James Hodgkinson didn't finish the job in assassinating House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.
This is not the attitude of people who merely disagree.  People can have a robust debate on an issue, and shake hands afterward having come to understand where each on is stands on an issue.  Such disagreements have been the norm in society for a long time.  The use of words, logic, rhetoric, and thus persuasion has long been the approved method of dealing with colleagues,  But the Democrats do not, evidently, view the rest of us a colleagues.  They view is as enemies to be killed if we disagree.  This is more the modus operandi of a criminal organization.

The implications of that revelation is that the Left doesn't really believe its own rhetoric.  Its just business with them.  They want power, by any means necessary.  Leftist politicians will say whatever they need to say to whomever they need to say it to get their vote.  Once in power, they depend on people not watching closely to do whatever they need to do to keep power.

 So, for example, they can believe that abortion is perfectly moral and right.  A woman has a right to chose.  On the other hand, they work to keep murderers alive, and seem to make heroes of cop killers.  If killing innocent babies is fine with the left, where is the reservation to kill hardened criminals?  And if they can't bear to execute a hardened criminal, why are they so anxious to execute innocent life?  They speak out of both sides of their mouth, and so have no consistency.

The Democrats were once a party of normal people in this country.  The Republicans and the Democrats shared values and goals but had different ideas on how to accomplish these goals.  But the Democrats have been hijacked by the Left.  They no longer share values and goals with what we would consider normal people.  Indeed, they operate more as a criminal organization.  Look at what the Democrats did to rig their own primary to ensure Hillary won and not Bernie.  But this sort of behavior is nothing new.  If a political party could be indicted, they would probably be under a RICO indictment now.  

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