Sunday, June 4, 2017

Kathy Griffin Proposes to Behead Trump

Fay Voshell has the goods on the political left, as illustrated by the insanity of Kathy Griffin publicly showing a simulation of  a severed head that resembled President Trump.  Ms. Voshell points out that this sort of provocation has been going on on the left since the French Revolution.  Whether or not Louis the XVI deserved to be beheaded is debatable.  But Trump is the duly elected President of the United States.  The election was not stolen.  The Russians had nothing to do with it.  Indeed, the actions of the left has become not just resistance to Trump, but border on treason.

Voshell entitles her article Beheading King Trump XVI and starts out with:

He was unlike our current president in many respects: He was extraordinarily indecisive, timid and distracted. He seemed not to know his own country at all, isolated as he was from the public. But his position was very like that of President Trump in that he had a mob calling for his beheading.
That the mob succeeded in their efforts changed European history, effectively bleeding the continent’s aristocracy to death until royalty was dealt the final coup de grace during WWI and its aftermath.
Quite frankly, I don't hold with a hereditary aristocracy, nor with the notion of royalty. Typically, within a generation of two of the strong men who established the dynasty, no matter how well intentioned. the progeny are weaker and less deserving of being in that position. I also do not believe in anyone having that much power. The Constitution's breaking up of that power into 3 competing power centers each having distinct roles and limitations is a good system. But the Constitutional system can only work with people who follow the Constitution in good faith. But the left doesn't do anything in good faith:
Even so, though the Left has been nearly decapitated, it still natters on as if it has life; as if it has something significant to say. It still does its zombie imitation, hoping to instill dread and fear into the opposition by impersonating real life and vitality.
Ms. Griffin’s excess is an indicator not only of the deathly fatuity and grossness leftist radicals have been resorted to, but she is also representative of the high tide of an essentially nihilist deluge that has threatened America for decades.
For those who believe the wrong person is in office and that a great pretender is living in the White House, it is high time to remember we do not live under an aristocracy but under the rule of the Constitution of the United States. We do not believe in aristocratic succession to the presidency.
It is high time everyone who desires the exit of any president remembers the great remedy our constitutional republic has firmly in place; a remedy that has been effectively utilized for hundreds of years: Voting to elect the person the American public wishes to be in high office.
32And…stop suggesting the guillotining of Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America.

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