Monday, February 26, 2018

Arming Teachers in Schools

An excellent article by Rob Morse over at Slow Facts presents what we already know about President Trump's proposal to arm teachers as a partial solution to the epidemic of school shootings taking place today. The article is entitled prosaically enoughWe Already Arm Teachers in Public Schools. Morse points out that some States already allow arming staff in certain school districts to be armed. No one is forced to be armed, a common bugaboo with the left, just as no one is simply given a gun. It is a right, and as such it is always your decision whether to exercise it or not. Note that some teachers have publicly said that they will not work in a school with armed teachers. I say so be it. We can do without such teachers.

In any case, go read the article.  It is short and full guessed it...slow facts.

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