Monday, February 26, 2018

Fighting Fire with Fire

Once again Kurt Schlichter has a good solution to the war on gun rights being waged by the left, and it involves hitting them where it hurts.  That it would also feed the Schlichter family is not really a problem, since the Left has engaged in the same thing.  You can read Schlichters article at under the title Counterattack Hard Against Liberal Attacks on our Gun Rights and Other Civil Liberties. I have always been a "fight fire with fire" kind of guy, because fighting evil requires it. Evil does not obey any rules and gives no quarter. Evil would as soon look at you as to kill you. In the end, of course, only God can stop evil, but we must be committed to being on God's side. So, I don't see doing the things Schlichter outlines as being particularly non conservative. They are just practical means to fight fire with fire.

Conservatives have developed a notion, from whence it came I know not, that civility is the highest good.  Civility is nice, but when the other side is not civil, we may be forced to take more drastic actions.  The Revolutionary war was fought, after trying to persuade the British to deal fairly with us.  Note that the Revolution was NOT a civil affair.  Indeed, God is not a nice guy, if the Bible is any guide, and his Son could be quite sarcastic towards those he deemed to be hypocrites.  So must we sometimes be less than "nice" in the service of doing what is "right."
Rubio, displaying the political savvy that convinced him to don a studded leather collar and be led around on a leash by Chuck Schumer...
These gullible outliers don’t change the fact that the rest of the GOP is solid. That’s why the left is changing the rules and trashing our norms to do what they can’t do politically through intimidation. They have cultural power and we don’t, and they now seek to use businesses to destroy our rights and silence our voices. Understand that they don’t want an argument or a conversation - they want to use their non-governmental cultural power to deny us access to a platform so that we are unable to make our views heard. We need to recognize this dangerous trend and counterattack ruthlessly with our political power.
Conservatism is not a suicide pact, and our principles are not a mandate to unilaterally disarm. We need to make them hate the new rules. Maybe they won't learn anything, but at least they won't win by cheating.
So there's the basic reasoning. If they play by new rules, we should too. In this case, the new rule is that the Left is using its cultural dominance to enlist businesses to support its various causes. It did this with the transgender bathroom issue last year. Here in North Carolina, all sorts of businesses claimed to support the bathroom preferences of a small minority of people. Businesses did not feel the pain too badly, and in any case, there were so few transgendered taking advantage of the bathroom switcheroo, that they faced little opposition from frightened females.  The thought of big businesses boycotting the State eventually buffaloed State lawmakers into relaxing their hard stand against people using the bathrooms of the opposite sex on state property.

Having won that battle, the Left is now using the same tactics to win this one too.  Its time to give them a little of their own medicine.  In truth, businesses are being shaken down. When left to their own devices, we have seen, they tend to fall back on State law as a defensible position. We can not have businesses playing politics in hopes of not being to badly damaged by their muggers.  We must apply a little pain ourselves.
The first step is an executive order at the federal level directing that no federal contract can go to any company that discriminates against an organization based on its advocacy or exercise of an enumerated constitutional right. We wouldn't allow a company to do business with our federal government if it discriminated on other grounds, so why should we do it discriminate on political grounds? Why should taxpayers be subsidizing people who hate them? When those government employees start walking past the Hertz and National counters, the liberal jerks who run those companies are going to find that they're posing and posturing has a price.
Next, Congress needs to pass a comprehensive non-discrimination regime designed to protect us into law and allow individuals and entities the right to sue any business that discriminates on the basis of the advocacy for exercise of any constitutional right. We need to make sure there are huge penalties for non-compliance – how about $1 million a day? We also need attorneys’ fees provisions for the plaintiffs as well, because we want to turn lawyers into bounty hunters seeking out these posers who are doing so much damage to our society by collaborating in the suppression of speech that the elite does not approve of.
We could call it the “Civil Rights Anti-Discrimination Act” and dare the Democrats to vote against it. Now, of course, due to the filibuster, it might be tough to pass a law protecting our rights through Congress, but we own about 30 legislatures. That's 30 states that can each outlaw this kind of discrimination within their borders. So Hertz and National, welcome to a whole bunch of lawsuits in Texas and Wyoming and elsewhere. But hey, it's worth it because of the children, right?
I know Mr. Schlichter here is being a bit of a smart ass, but truly, it is for the children. We have an obligation to pass the freedom we have known on to our progeny. The left wants to take that away from us, and is very near to doing it. We need to get these into law now, while we have the Congress and the White House.

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