Monday, November 22, 2021

The Left Shows Its Demonic Nature in Kyle Rittenhouse Case

 Why did the District Attorney in Kenosha, Wisconsin insist on charging Kyle Rittenhouse?  The videos were available for the entire nation to see almost immediately.  What were they thinking?  According to Steve McCann The Rittenhouse Trial Underscores the Left's Determination to Eliminate the Natural Right of Self Defense.

The American left’s determination to conduct a media-inspired political trial of Kyle Rittenhouse had as its objective the ultimate disarming of Americans and the elimination of the Second Amendment. While Kyle Rittenhouse was listed as the defendant, it was the right of self-defense that was on trial.
The United States is a unique nation in the world on a number of counts, and most of these make us also an exceptional nation. One of the ways we are unique among the nations is that we have the Second Amendment that acknowledges our right, as given by God to all men, to defend ourselves against those who would attack us and take our lives and our property. Indeed, the defense of your life and the lives of those under your care is a duty placed on people by God.

But, you may be thinking, self defense doesn't include 'stuff.'  But actually, it does. Here's why: property is purchased by the sweat of a person's brow. Since most of us work on an hourly basis, the price of that property determines how many hours of your life you must work to acquire it. Those hours of toil represent a substantial part of your life.  So to take your 'stuff' is to take a piece of your life.  And while men do not have to work as hard as they once did, there was a time when to steal a man's "stuff" meant his death.  Sometimes it still does.
The Founders held that property rights encompass not just physical property but also one’s life, labor, speech, and livelihood, as individuals own their own lives; therefore, they must own the products of that life which can be traded in free exchange with others. Further, as there is a natural right of self-preservation, man has the right and duty to defend himself against transgressors, including the state, that would deny, abrogate, or unlawfully seize his property.
However, over the past 160 years, the statists, including the current iteration of the American left, have marched in lock step to what Karl Marx espoused in his Communist Manifesto -- “The Theory of Communism may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” He contended that one’s labor or livelihood (and by extension one’s life) is not private property and is thus subordinate to the common good as determined by the state. Therefore, the individual has no God-given and unconstrained right of self-defense against an individual or government, as that right can be utilized to counter or oppose the common good.
In Scott Morefield's article at entitled Kyle Rittenhouse's Victory is a Victory for Us All, he points to a Tucker Carlson opening monologue:
"So no one with a concealed carry permit is allowed to defend himself? What’s the point of having a gun if you can't save your own life with it? Well, that’s exactly what they’re telling you. They’re telling you you don't have that right. You have no right to resist. That’s the whole point of this whole proceeding. So the next time BLM sweeps into your town, your neighborhood, your house to burn and loot and brandish weapons, you had better not try to protect yourself or your family. Try to protect yourself or your family and we will charge you with murder, and while we’re at it we’ll have the national media call you racist."
So, why would the Left be so focused on eliminating the Second Amendment, or make it a meaningless right? Why would they want to make self defense illegal?  As has been pointed out in these pages before, the Left wants to push its agenda down your throat, and they don't want you to to be able to resist.  They want to enslave you, and they are attempting to do it every day.  They want to put a boot on your face and keep it there.

Go read both articles, and of course, Kurt Schlichter's article while your at it.

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