Thursday, January 13, 2022

Will it be too late?

 Today, at the American Thinker a doctor, Henry F. Smith, Jr., M.D. wonders about Our Bizarre Devotion to COVID Vacccines. Smith starts out by presenting baffling statistics. The statistics just seem bizarre.

In my former life as a doctrinaire practitioner, I would’ve been loath to consider the wild claims of medical conspiracy theorists. There are those who talk about the vaccine containing graphene and other nanoparticles meant to monitor and control. I certainly don’t believe in these theories. But the escalating efforts to penalize the unvaccinated by their governments seem so irrational that it is not unreasonable to wonder: what the hell is going on?
And there is the crux of the issue. The insistence that EVERYBODY MUST GET VACCINATED. Now!  It doesn't make sense, which causes people to think it is because of of something sinister.
Why insist that an increasingly ineffective immunization be given again and again, at shorter intervals, to the entire human population, including children who tend not to be severely affected? And how can we force injections with products that are still officially investigational, and not FDA approved? And why, as these vaccines have the highest rate of adverse effects by far, according to the CDC’s VAERS data, do we insist? And by firing reluctant healthcare workers, who have a fairly high rate of vaccine hesitancy (I wonder why?), we are stripping the healthcare system of talent we now claim to desperately need.
None of this passes any test of common sense. More and more I think people are beginning to realize this, and are growing skeptical. Even elements of the press are starting to ask questions like: “how many more boosters will we be expected to take?”
I suspect we will eventually find out, but when we do, it will be too late.

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