Saturday, March 18, 2023

Tucker Carlson: A truly humble man

 If you are a young whippersnapper, as almost everyone else is when you get to be my age, you may still be pretty proud of yourself.  You may think you are pretty smart, skilled, able and so forth.  You don't need anybody.  Even Tucker Carlson, at 54, seems a young whippersnapper to me.  But I remember being about his age and suddenly realizing that the world works nothing like I had previously thought.  It is a humbling experience, and the humbling experiences just keep coming.

Today, at the American Thinker, Thomas Lifson has embedded a podcast with Tucker Carlson at Tucker Carlson Lets It All Hang Out. He sounds so much like me in this roughly hour and a half interview. I haven't been to as many places as Carlson, but I have learned the same lesson as he has, that people everywhere are pretty much the same. In my case I learned that lesson in Panama.  That world leaders are all bad. Trump may be a bad guy, but he none the less told the truth about China and Russia, but no one listened. Mostly he is ashamed of having been a part of the apparatus that tries to control us, and didn't even realize it. How humbling! He also realizes that men and women are different. Men need to be men, and part of that is realizing women are different and amazing for being different.  But women can't be women unless men are men.

I try to watch Tucker Carlson Tonight whenever I can. But I have really enjoyed the Tucker Carlson Today interviews because he lets guests tell their stories with minimal interference from him. Oh, and there never is a gotcha question. These people are truly interesting, sometimes odd, always insightful, even if I don't agree with them.

Carlson is at the top of his game, and this insight into him shows him to be a humble family man who knows his own weaknesses are many and great, yet he has the courage to soldier on. Gentle readers should take an hour and a half and watch the podcast.  Also, you should add him to your prayer list, because his kind never last long enough, and they are too few.  

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