Thursday, December 3, 2009

Climategate Roundup

I have decided today to just do a roundup of the news on "climategate" as more and more folks get into the act. Perhaps I will do this for a few days, and see where it goes. But for now, here's the latest:

First up is Ann Coulter writing in today's entitled Do Smoking Guns Cause Global Warming Too? Ms. Coulter applies her usual acid wit to the climategate scandal. It's a must read.

Next up is Jonah Goldberg, also in today's in a piece called Groupthink and the Global Warming Industry. Goldberg is more cautious on calling the growing scandal a fraud, but I am not. Common sense says CO2 was never the "cause" of either global warming or cooling, and there is research now that makes the case that the rising and falling of CO2 levels was actually caused by the change in temperature, and not the other way around.

Larry Elder has a great takedown of National Public Radio (NPR) on today in a piece entitled Climategate: NPR Sees a Silver Lining. I can't help getting a smirk whenever I hear someone say they get all their news from NPR. These people have never reasoned through to see the conflict of interests that a government funded news source represents.

Jillian Bandes reports on some Senate committee in-fighting in Democrats Censor Climate Skeptics in Congress.

Representative John Linder (R-GA) has a article in the American Thinker entitled simply Climate Challenges in which he makes the point that Obama should not be going to Copenhagen, should not sign away our sovereignty, over a completely unproven "theory" that man is causing catastrophic global warming. It is a well written article. Incidentally, I did not know that the Nile river froze in 829 A.D.

Secrecy News reports on a little known Congressional Research Service report that a number of countries are making their GHG laws more stringent at a time when the argument for goofball wormening is falling apart.

William Zeranski reminds us in American Thinker that when government is involved science is ultimately corrupted. A point that bears repeating, perhaps by having each new Congresscritter write it on the blackboard 100 times.

Anthony Watts site Watts Up With That? provides an excellent round up of climate news on a daily basis. You should bookmark this site, and check in regularly, but this post is especially interesting. Christopher Monckton is the Thatcher advisor who warned the world what was at stake in Copenhagen last month.

The Washington Times reports Researcher: NASA Hiding Climate Data. The Washington Times reports that Chris Horner plans to sue if NASA doesn't come clean by the end of the year.

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