Thursday, December 17, 2009

White House Blackmailing Senator to Vote for Socialized Medicine

Per Theo Sparks, Glenn Beck has reported that Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) has been threatened by the White House that if he doesn't toe the line on health care, then Offutt Air Force Base will be put on the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) list. Offutt is the home of the Strategic Command, formerly the Stategic Air Command.

Beck claims to have three independent sources, and he has generally been quite accurate, so I take this seriously. As Beck says, if true, this sort of thing borders on treason. It is certainly disgusting and despicable to use our military, and the security of the United States as pawns to get an agenda through that now 60% of Americans do not want.

Meanwhile, to understand what it is about socialized medicine that so offends the average American you must read Why America Hates Universal Health Care: The Real Reason. The post is very un-PC, calling fat people...fat(!!). It says that we should all just grow up and take responsibility for our own lives. Apparently hell has finally frozen over, because someone is actually telling the truth:

Now, I really don’t care if you overeat, smoke like a chimney, hump like a bunny or forget to lock the safety mechanism on your pistol as you jam it in your waistband. Fine by me. And as a laissez-faire social-libertarian live-and-let-live kind of person, I would never under normal circumstances condemn anyone for any of the behaviors listed above. That is: Until the bill for your stupidity shows up in my mailbox. Then suddenly, I’m forced to care about what you do, because I’m being forced to pay for the consequences.
Of course, there are all the other reasons to oppose this bill: That it will drive up costs, ration care, and represents a massive power grab by a government that is already too powerful. But at it core, this is the reason most Americans recoil: Those who have worked hard, payed taxes, and played by the rules all their lives will now have to pay for some idiot who hasn't. That's just un-American.