Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ann Coulter on Healthcare

Ann Coulter today has an excellent piece at entitled My Healthcare Plan. Go read the whole thing. Miss Coulter makes her trademark zingers, social references, and snarky asides that make reading her columns always interesting, and a highlight of the week. Getting past all that though, and her "plan" is a very reasonable one. Indeed, that's what we want to see happen. ObamaCare-not so much.

It always amazes me to watch as government gets involved, and the prices go up, to see that the only solution is more government, and more stifling regulations. It hasn't worked anywhere else, so why expect it to work here, now? While I generally believe in "American Exceptionalism," the laws of economics, like the laws of physics, can not be broken. If you do, you will pay a high price. We've tried the regulation route and it hasn't worked. Time to let the free market have a go at the problem.

On a more serious note, the House plans to pass ObamaCare using a rule called the Slaughter Rule that would simply "deem" that they passed the Senate version, and then send the whole thing to the President for signature. Hmmm. Well, if they can do that, then how about I "deem" that I have paid my taxes, and "deem" that I have filed my income tax forms, and we'll just forget about my actually doing so? Then when the IRS comes calling, perhaps I can ask to get the same consideration as Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner got. What do you think, Ms Pelosi?

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