Friday, March 12, 2010

The Conspiracy Against Electric Cars

One of the reasons postings have been lighter of late is that I have taken on a part time job, driving cars no less. I remember having a conversation not unlike this one with one of the other drivers who apparently believes all 7 of the 7 High Voltage Lies About Electric Vehicles. I found the article, by Rex Roy on AOL Autos. It is a good summary of where we are in terms of gasoline engines, electric vehicles, and the oil industry in general. I would add that the Tesla, at over $100K is too rich for my blood. If that is what a person has to pay, after subsidies provided courtesy of the taxpayer (that would be you and me), electric vehicles are years away from being practical.

Incidentally, I used some of the very same arguments used by Mr. Roy, to little effect. Oh well.

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