Thursday, March 18, 2010

Virginia About to get Restraunt Carry

Both houses of the Virginia legislature have passed, and Governor McDonnell has indicated he intends to sign, a bill that would allow Concealed Carry holders to carry their weapons into restaurants that serve alcohol. Virginia Citizens Defense League president Philip Van Cleave says that they have been trying to get this through for 13 years. Congratulations Virginia!

I would note that once carrying in a restaurant that serves alcohol becomes law in Virginia, North Carolina will be surrounded. We will be the lone hold out, the last bastion of nannyism in the area. {begin soothing music}No doubt Deborah Ross and the anti-gun legislature can congratulate themselves that while thousands die every day in the States around them due to evil guns in restaurants, here in peaceful North Carolina, we are protected, in restaurants at least, from the evil guns of people who have been checked out by our State as being good and law abiding citizens. Thank goodness...{end soothing music, sound of needle skating over a sound recording. You do remember what those are, right?}

Except it doesn't happen that way. The only people who will notice any difference in Virginia will be gun owners themselves. They won't be taking out their guns and locking them in their glove compartment, while hoping that no one saw them and are planning on breaking into their cars while they grab a bite. They won't be risking an accidental discharge if they mishandle the gun in the tight confines of their car. For everyone else, life goes on as it did before.

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  1. "The only people who will notice any difference in Virginia will be gun owners themselves."

    Well, there's always the Brady Bunch's local rep, who'll be obvious due to having wet his/her pants...