Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Explanation

For those of you who continued to check into my blog over the last month, a bit of explanation is in order.

On May 17th, I received a panicked call from my brother to the effect that my father was in the hospital, with something that had not yet been identified, and that my help was needed. Needless to say, I went immediately, and ended up staying for a month to help out. My mother also has health issues which needed to be addressed, as well as getting Dad out of the hospital and back on his feet.

Having returned, I am still catching up, but I hope to be blogging again soon. Fortunately, Mrs. PolyKahr had a friend who came over and assisted her here, for whom I am very grateful.


  1. No worries, my friend - take care of what is needful, and God will handle that AND everything else.

    You and your parents are in my prayers.

  2. Take care of yourself and your own, we'll wait

  3. Thanks everyone. My Dad now has a pace maker installed. Apparently around a third of us will have this kind of problem if we live to that age. At the same time, he has fewer reserves to fall back on and be able to to bounce back. Still, he is soldiering on. I appreciate your prayers and well wishes, for both myself and my parents.