Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Open Carry Is Good for the Cause

Dan Bidstrup, Denver Gun Rights Examiner had a great article hailing those with the courage to open carry their weapons on 20 June 2010. The article, Bravo to those who open carry their weapons, makes a point that I have also made in the past. Namely, open carry is not for everybody. You have to have a certain temperament, and a burning desire to educate the public by example. Here in North Carolina, you are likely to have many conversations with nice police officers, many of whom believe themselves to be "only ones," and wouldn't take a shine to an armed citizen. I however, prefer to go about my business with as little fuss as possible. Like one of Dan's commenters, JohnF, I believe the true Constitutional answer is Vermont style carry-that is you can carry open or concealed, as you choose, with no permit required either way. If you can own a gun, you can choose to carry it.

By the way, you are reading the Gun Rights Examiners, right?


  1. We have Constitutional carry here in Alaska (as I know you already know), and the choice is up to the gun owner. I have done both while working, shopping, hiking, and dining out. The ONLY response I ever received was a dirty look from a tourist getting off a cruise line's bus; I'm guessing she was from one of those states where blood runs in the streets due to all the gun-owning maniacs.

    What, no?

  2. Rev. Paul,

    Good one! I didn't mention Alaska mainly because a case can be made that Alaska is somehow "different." In Alaska, dangerous game comes right into town, and the population is relatively low, so that Alaska probably has the feel of the old West. Not that those things should make a difference. Here, the dangerous animals are far less obvious.


  3. And in California, see anti-Saldana open carry ban bill video at