Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is Civic Duty an Option?

An interesting, and hopefully thought provoking article by "Bargain Citizen" in today's American Thinker. Bargain Citizen asks the very relevant question Is Civic Duty an Option? A quote:

Then there are those who waste countless hours absorbed in things which matter not. Don't get me wrong, life requires a healthy balance. Indulging in relaxation or entertainment is great. Over-indulging while not bothering to lift a finger on behalf of one's civic duty is a different story. For those who are lost in today's proverbial circuses - be it Oprah, American Idol, People magazine or an ever-growing variety of sports and video games - they merely contribute to our collective problems.
This is the very reason I started this blog, and others have done something similar as well: to wake up my fellow citizen. There are many things you can do depending on your time and talents. You can work for a candidate. You can be a precinct person for your party. Indeed, precinct jobs often go begging, but will allow you to begin burrowing into the party and influencing party decisions. You can become an INFORMED voter. Talk to your friends and co-workers. Volunteer to stuff envelopes, or address mailing labels, or...well...there are literally hundreds of things you can do. But don't be one of those who distract themselves with what I call circuses. Keeping abreast of your teams, or of popular culture is entertainment, but don't engage in too much of it. Don't let it become more important than your very liberty.

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