Sunday, August 22, 2010

The god of Obama

C. Edmund Wright had an article several days ago at the American Thinker that is both funny, and tragic at the same time, entitled He's Not a Muslim ("Not That There's Anything Wrong with That")!. Go read the whole thing. The piece starts like this:

With two major polls out this week showing that many millions of Americans think the president is Muslim, the Jurassic media's panicked reaction can be characterized only as hilariously Seinfeld-esque. And by Seinfeld-esque, I refer to the famous episode where Jerry and George are mistaken for a gay couple -- a charge they recoil from in horror while repeating the line, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

I think we all get the implication. And we have all heard the media shouting this week that Obama is not a Muslim -- not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.
Pamella Geller made the case that he himself claimed to be a Muslim in hiding here. She then proceeded to make the case that on a number of issues, Obama has taken stances consistent with being a Muslim. If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and all that, what should a rational person conclude?

Personally, I don't really think he is a Muslim, but I surely don't think he is a Christian either.  I think that his god is himself, and that he is trying his best to make our god the State.  I say he is not Christian because too many of the policies favored by him do not line up with what the Bible teaches.

Take for example, his many attempts to "redistribute the wealth."  It all sounds good, doesn't it?  After all, Jesus said that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.  Therefore, if we take (steal really) that rich man's money, we will be saving his soul, right?  That's how it is justified, or if not, then its that the rich man stole the wealth from the common man.  Except he didn't.  Not without the help and the collusion of the very government that voters now expect to make things right.  The fact that Bill Gates is worth a kings ransom doesn't hurt me in any way, and if I get the government to take away his money, it will not make me one cent richer.  People usually stop quoting right there, where the rich man can not enter heaven, because they want to get those who have to share.  They imply that a poor man is somehow more noble.  But Jesus doesn't say that.  Having money, and therefor having the means is what enabled the good Samaritan to be the good Samaritan.  Ponder on that!

Take as another example his attitude toward abortion.  He has advocated, while a State Senator for killing, by neglect those children who might be born alive despite the efforts to kill them in the womb.  Most of us would call such a child a miracle, and suspect that God had great things planned for him.  Abortion is always homicide.  Rarely it can be seen as self defense, when carrying the child to term is literally killing the mother.  A case could also be made for women who were raped.  Beyond that, abortion is murder.  All three Abrahamic faiths enjoin us not to murder.  So how could The One advocate for murder?

Recall that during his campaign, he uttered the line "We are the ones we've been waiting for."  The line doesn't make logical sense.  Why in the world would you be waiting on yourself?  But if the god of Obama is himself, and if the god of his followers is the State, then the line at least has a little more coherence.

Update:  Today Mr. Wright has yet another great article at the American Thinker entitled Let Me Translate: We Don't Believe Him-Or You. A little taste:

We know Jeremiah Wright rejects America's Founding principles -- which are consistent with what we call Christianity -- and many of us believe our founding principles were Divinely inspired. Moreover, we know that Obama is on board with Wright on this -- at least to the point of claiming that our Constitution is flawed in how it grants individual rights and liberty. We happen to think that rights Obama wants to curtail come from our Creator.

We know Obama has appointed proud and unabashed Marxists into his government. We happen to know that Marxism is by definition anti-Christian. We know he has confiscated wealth of others to redistribute to his union thug friends under false pretenses. We know he turned his back on Iranian protestors in lieu of an Islamic regime. We know he publicly defers to folks like Chavez and Saudi royalty more than he does Texas and Arkansas governors. On and on we could go here.

So what is so blamed obvious?
What is left unsaid in Wright's article is that the media has a "social justice" understanding of Christianity. But "social justice" is nowhere in the gospels. What the gospels do talk about, quite a lot, is God's infinite loving grace, and our proper response to that. Remember the first commandment-Love God, and if you love God, you will also love your neighbor and do right by him. That is the justice of the gospels.

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