Saturday, August 7, 2010

No Reason to Apologize for Hiroshima

The anniversary date of the bombing of Hiroshima is a day to remember history as it actually was, not as the Left would have us believe it was. Today's understanding of Hiroshima can only happen because the Left has distorted history. The Left is always pointing out that America was the only nation to use nuclear weapons in a war. True, but beside the point. The Left's arguments about nuclear weapons often seem to mirror those about guns: it is more noble for a good man to die rather than use the most effective weapon available to stop the bad guy. Such arguments are, of course, total nonsense.

So let's look at a few facts. Japan bombed the United States Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. They had, before that time, been waging a war of aggression against China, and clearly had their eyes on achieving hegemony over the Pacific rim. The United States declared war in self defence. That the United States would eventually prevail was anything but assured. Japan had a powerful Navy, and a ruthless Army, with a warrior culture and plenty of recent combat experience to shake out its weapons. At roughly the same time, Germany and Italy declared war on the United States, forcing us into a two front war. Frankly, I would have to have bet on Japan, were I a neutral party.

By the time the United States had battled its way to Okinawa, it was obvious that Japan had lost. Why didn't the Japanese sue for peace then? No one who advocates for the "America should apologize" crowd ever seems to ask this question. After the battle of Midway, things went down hill for the Japanese. They could have surrendered at any point. Why didn't they? Certainly, once they began throwing Kamikaze pilots into the fight, they had to know their cause was lost. Why not surrender then, and not lose a generation of young people too? The Left never asks, because to ask is to point out that the Japanese may have been at fault for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Had they surrendered earlier, when it became apparent that the war was lost, they would not have suffered nuclear attack.

Bruce Walker has an article up today at American Thinker entitled The Hiroshima Question. I am glad that so far Obama has not apologized to the Japanese, though I'm sure he wanted to. He also hasn't bowed to the Emperor; that he seems to reserve for Muslim thugs. A quote from the piece though, may get you to read the whole thing:

Representatives of the American government yesterday attended, for the first time, the Hiroshima Ceremony, which this year marked the 65th anniversary of the use of fission weapons on Japanese cities. Democrat and Republican administrations alike have consistently refused to participate in this ceremony, which implies American guilt. Some Japanese are now saying that attending without a formal apology (which Obama will not give) is inadequate. There is no reason for America to apologize at all for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
No reason indeed.

Update: This piece by J. R. Dunn in yesterday's American Thinker is worth reading and contemplating as well.

Update 2: Per John, I stand corrected.


  1. "He also hasn't bowed to the Emperor"

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    I stand corrected. Oh, my. Thanks for the citation.

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