Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Restore the Constitution Rally at Greensboro

The Restore the Constitution (RTC) rally in Greensboro went off without a hitch.  The Leftist counter protesters never showed up.  I had anticipated them trying to provoke trouble.  Also largely absent were the news media, though Channel 14 had a guy scouting out the scene.  The lack of media was in contrast to the Washington (really Virginia) RTC where there were at least as many media as there were attendees.  This rally seemed to be larger than the Washington rally, and I would estimate the crowd at around 200-250 persons.  About three fourths of the attendees were carrying rifles, mostly of the AR-15 and clones variety, though I saw several guys carrying M1 Garands and at least one K98 Mauser (or that is what it looked like from a distance.)

I set up early under some shade along the brick walkway, and this proved to be fortuitous, because most speakers entered and left along the walkway.  One of the speakers was Bubba of the blogWhat Bubba Knows. And what Bubba knows about the BATFE is apparently quite devastating to their egos.  He suggested that they should get real jobs as law enforcement officers.  As it is, they are really just tax collectors, who shouldn't be allowed to carry guns, raid the property of innocent citizens, and generally terrorize the citizenry for exercising rights that "shall not be infringed."  Bubba didn't say this, but the idea of taxing a right is Constitutionally suspect.  After all, weren't poll taxes struck down?  On what basis?  If governments can not impose a poll tax, how can they impose a tax on guns?

B. J. Lawson, running against the infamous David E. Price for Congress from the 4th District, spoke, as did Bill Randall running in the 13th District.  Of the two, I felt Randall to be the more conservative.  But both candidates indicated support for all of our rights, including gun rights.  Bill Randall, however, again stressed the theme that we should all be getting right with God, for without God on our side, our cause is ultimately lost.  With God, all things are possible, without God, nothing is.  November will be interesting.

Mike Vanderboegh and your host, PolyKahr at the Washington RTC Rally
You can see the other speakers at the Restore the Constitution website. Due to time constraints, Daniel Almond's talk was quite limited, and Mike Vanderboegh had to cut his talk altogether. But you can find his talk here. Mike did give a history lesson on the battle of Guilford Court House after the rally was over, but I need to get home, so did not stay for it.

By the way, Mike indicated his feet are healing nicely, and he did seem to be getting around better without a cane.  I will keep praying for him, as I hope others will too.

Update:  Randy Dye has a video of the talk given by Bubba McDowell.  Take a listen.
Sipsey Street Irregulars has a report on the rally from David Codrea and Western Rifle Shooters Association.


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