Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Girding Our Loins, and Going After the Gun Grabbers

The other day, I ended a post, Not One More Inch by saying:

We believe in freedom, in liberty, and we believe those telling us how to live should mind their own business. We can compromise on certain things, for instance how long it will take us to return to a balanced budget. But we can not compromise these fundamental principles. Not one more inch (and oh, by the way, we are gunning for all those laws that infringe our rights.)
Apparently, the gauntlet has been picked up by William A. Levinson at the American Thinker in his article Gun Bill Defeat is Not Enough today. The desire to be left alone to work, play, raise our kids and live our lives without constant interference from an overreaching government means that every time there is a call to arms, we are there, but after the emergency is over, we often return to our lives, our kids, and continue until there is another call to arms. Levinson's point is that this must stop doing things the way we have been. We can not simply defeat bills, while leaving the gun grabber's organization and people in place, plotting to strike again.  Rather we must go on the offensive, and destroy (politically) these people's organizations, and their political careers. Levinson:
Incrementalism is the process whereby an aggressor extorts one seemingly small concession after another, which is how Hitler acquired all of Czechoslovakia before his prospective victims finally realized that they had to fight him. Only a fool believes that negotiation or appeasement make an incrementalist's words, whether "Today Germany, tomorrow the world," or Rep. Jan Schakowsky's (D-IL, wife of convicted felon Robert Creamer) "assault weapons today, handguns tomorrow" mean anything other than what they say. The appropriate response to the recent attempt, and success in Connecticut and New York, to emasculate the Second Amendment is the moral equivalent of total war against the perpetrators as endorsed by General Curtis Lemay.
We cannot, of course, use nuclear weapons (as advocated by Lemay) or even conventional ones to settle political disputes in a civilized nation. The legal and nonviolent destruction of entire organizations is, however, on the table, and the same goes for political careers. In 2000, I helped expose the anti-Second Amendment Million Mom March's misuse of tax-exempt money for electioneering. It was not my intention to debate our Constitutional rights with the group, which had a no-debate policy anyway. It was not my intention to merely stop the Million Mom March temporarily. It was my intention to destroy the Million Mom March as an organization by discrediting it to the point where its own members, donors, and corporate sponsors walked away from it in disgust. The organization liquidated in October 2001, and its current incarnation is not the same corporate entity.
In the recent fight over guns, the gun grabbers ( and here I include advocates of "universal background checks") used made up statistics (90% of Americans support background checks) and lies (this bill doesn't allow the government to set up a National registry) to persuade the uninformed voter to support this bill because having a "universal background check system is the holy grail for the gun grabbers. Most people who have never bought a gun do not realize that these things are already illegal despite what Bob Beckel would shout on The Five. With such a system, they would be able to incrementally make more and more people "prohibited persons." Meanwhile, they could justify doing so because, as the know full well, the criminals class would seek weapons on the black market from shady people selling guns out of the trunk of their cars. Clearly, if our "universal background check" didn't catch the next mass murderer, then we need to go further will be the reasoning.

The potential list of targets for actions described by Levinson is vast.  The Joyce Foundation and Mayor Doomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) are two such groups.  Unlike the NRA, which boasts between 3 and 4 million* members at any one time, the Violence Policy Center and others are relatively small, and receive grant money from foundations such as the Joyce foundation to push anti gun propaganda.  MAIG in particular looks to be a target ripe for a take down.  Of course, MAIG has received grants from the Joyce_Foundation as well.  Of more immediate use is how many of the mayors have been convicted or accused of crimes, particularly gun crimes.  If someone in the MSM could be convinced to point out the hypocrisy of these mayors, it would serve a useful purpose.  Merely having David Codrea talking about it is not enough, as powerful a voice as he has, he is one man.  Meanwhile, Mayor Doomberg recently said:

"No, I think that's right this time. But that doesn't mean you're not going to come back again," Bloomberg said. "Keep in mind we're likely to have more tragedies like you saw in Connecticut. Each one of these builds on things."

This is dancing in the blood of innocent victims, and Mayor Doomburg should be condemned for it at ever turn, until the Mayor and his organization MAIG is destroyed politically.  We have a lot of work to do, and its time we gird our loins and get with it.  Perhaps Senators Schumer and Feinstein are sitting in protected seats, but that doesn't mean we can't make their lives miserable. 

  *The NRA does not divulge its membership lists, but journalists have estimated the number from 3 to 4 million.  Unfortunately, whether they estimate high or low, they are missing the point that the NRA is funded by actual people, whereas the gun grabber groups are largely made up of one or two people funded by foundations such as the Joyce Foundation.

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