Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gun Owners are Not Out of the Woods Yet

Apparently, the Schumer, Manchin, Toomey (STM) Bill went down to defeat, but according to a blogger sundance at Conservative Treehouse, don't celebrate just yet. Sundance claims that the President's tantrum yesterday in front of the Sandy Hook victims was to signal Majority Leader Reid to change the rules of the game midstream to allow a gun registration bill to pass by a simple majority of 51%. Sundance:
Because he is setting up Harry Reid to historically change the Senate Rules, mid-term, and advance the progressive senate cause through a simple majority threshold. Pay attention to how they position themselves. What is about to take place will be historic in the manipulation of constitutional limits on power.
Remember that Reid's bill, S.649 is still out there, to be voted on. If I have it right, the STM bill, which was an amendment to S.649, technically passed the Senate 54-46, but failed to get 3/5 of the vote to pass, so it actually failed. Now, imagine the Reid bill comes up under new rules. If the same coalition passes it, it will pass the Senate and go to the House.  Frankly, I don't know if Boehner is committed to supporting gun owners, but I doubt it.  It could come up in the house,

Once again, I have to emphasize that nothing in the Reid bill would have prevented Sandy Hook, or for that matter any other mass killing that has taken place in the United States.  The Left instead is dancing in the blood of innocents, trying to put another keystone in place leading to our eventual disarmament.  It is a mistake that we only get to make once.  Keep vigilant.

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