Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Political Correctness is Killing Us

Keith Riler has an article up at the American Thinker today that I hope you will read entitled Void of Reason. I have pointed out before that we arrived at the point of writing our Constitution the way we did, with limited government and maximum freedom for the individual to act because of a long chain of philosophy going back to the fact of that man on the Cross, Jesus the Christ. Reason requires clear thinking, and reason requires clear and precise language. It is the opposite of the unthinking "banality of evil" that Hannah Arendt wrote about after observing the Adolph Eichmann trial. This is what "politically correct" language is, a way to avoid thought, a way to make euphemisms stand for reality. But I digress. Here is how Riler starts his article:
If you missed it, President Obama gave a twelve-minute speech at the abortion giant's annual gala, and finished with, "Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you."
How can God, who gives life, and therefore is the only one with a right to take it away, bless the murder of innocent babies either in the womb, or outside of it? I had a "debate" with a what is euphemistically called "pro-choice," but which I call pro-murder individual the other day. The individual stuck to the notion that the child inside a woman's womb is not a person. This kind of "thinking" flies in the face of every scientific principle we know. It also flies in the face of Biblical and theological thinking. It even flies in the face of American legal thinking. For if a child in the womb is a person, and there is no scientific evidence that the mating of two people will produce anything else, then that person is entitled to life, and thus the protection of the law.
Eichmann's thoughtless linguistic fictions were the mechanism by which Nazism achieved its humanity-denying distance and requisite alienation. Nazis gave us "terminate, liquidate and evacuate" for murder; "cleansing" for killing; "bacillus" for Jew; and, "resettlement" for death camp. Loading Zyklon B poison gas pellets from the roofs of Auschwitz gas chambers was antiseptically procedural, but it was antiseptically procedural murder. On a related note, Gosnell's dirty late-term abortion operation is a disgrace, but Tiller's antiseptically clean late term abortion clinic was deemed model healthcare for women.

Abortion ideologues have likewise given us the fictions of "potential human being," "product of conception," "pre-embryo," "fetus," "fetal tissue," "fetal matter," "medical waste," "garbage," "parasite" and "punishment" for baby and human. One abortion doctor described an abortion as a "defense mechanism ...against the local invasion ...and deleterious effects of the parasite." Like Eichmann, they are aware of the results of their actions. They are not mentally ill.
Political correctness infects nearly everything today, and it is poisoning our minds by turning hard realities into nice sounding phrases. The government's spending for example becomes "investments." Investments are good. Investments create wealth.  As everyone knows, a successful investment earns a return on the investment. In other words, it is expected to make money. But government spending has never earned any money, or created any wealth, it only takes money out of the economy. As such, it can only be seen in the clear light of logic as a necessary evil.

Terrorists become freedom fighters. But of course freedom fighters do not cause deliberate injury and death to noncombatants, while for terrorists, the death and destruction of innocents is precisely the point.  In the clear light of logic, there is a huge difference between the two.

Illegal aliens become undocumented workers. Undocumented workers implies that all these people need to do is obtain drivers licenses, social security cards, perhaps a passport, and they would be would be fine. It ignores that they have first and foremost broken the law, and therefore are criminals by definition.  In the clear light of logic, we must provide consequences for breaking our laws if our laws are to be respected.

Political correctness is not a new phenomenon.  The so called progressive income tax, with the idea being to brand a flat tax as regressive, is not progressive at all.  It is, in fact manifestly unfair to those who earn more that they should be taxed at a greater proportion of their income than those who earn less.  Likewise to place the label "regressive" on a flat tax is to make it sound like it is penalizing the poor.  But note that a flat tax fulfills the requirements of Marx's axiom: "From each according to his abilities..."

Those of us who are working for a restoration of the Constitution must make an effort to say what we mean in clear language unfettered by political correctness.  I heard a man say the other day that abortion is nothing but murder, and I cheered.  Murder it is, despite all the euphemisms used to make it sound like something else. 

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