Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Obama lies, people die.

So, Fearless Dear Leader has announced his new gun control diktats.  You can find one take on that process at the American Thinker today in a post by Michael Filozof called Obama's Gun Control Lies. Some highlights from the piece:
In addition to the lies and falsehoods enumerated above, Obama attacked the National Rifle Association for exercising its First Amendment rights to freely assemble and petition the government. He also attacked the Republican Party (and Congress as an institution), claiming that he, and not they, represents the will of the people, and that he is empowered to act without legislative authority. He even cited Communist China's gun laws as a model to emulate.

Obama's performance – delivered before a fawning audience of supporters – was straight out of the Dictator's Handbook. Every single dictator in world history, from Caesar to Hitler to Stalin to Mao, has employed these same demagogic techniques. The American people have good reason to be frightened out of their wits over the future of the Republic, and the future of their individual liberties.
I will freely admit I did not watch the Presidential performance. I no longer watch anything this President says or does, because it is so sickening. Its for my mental health that I don't, you see. But if you insist on seeing this, you can find it here.  Personally, I find every word from this President's mouth to be a lie, including 'a,' 'an,' and 'the.'

 Another take on the President's speech can be found at in a post by Matt Vespa entitled Uh, what: Obama says violent felons can just buy guns online. Of course, felons have been prevented from legally possessing guns at least since 1968, and online sales are no different than sales at a brick and mortar store. You surely can select the gun online, but before you can put so much as a finger print on the weapon in question, you must go to a dealer in your state, in person, fill out your 4473 form and show ID. They will then run a background check. Of course said background check will come back disallowed, whereupon you could be arrested on the spot for making false statements on a Federal form. Of course, if you didn't make false statements on that form, then you would be denied the weapon by inspection.

I am sure Mr. Obama knows this, or can find it out fairly quickly. So, the White House tweet posted in Townhall should be considered a deliberate lie, much like the lies told passing Obamacare. But in Obama's world, the ends justify the means, and its OK to lie if the lie gives him cover to pass whatever he wants.

I want to take a moment to flesh out this idea of deliberately lying, and the evil it represents.  There exists in the law the notion of the reasonable man.  The reasonable man exercises due diligence when going about his business, such that he is presumed to know, or should have known whatever laws might bear on his business. The reasonable man presumption makes the EPA missteps that lead to the spill in the Animus river personally negligent on their part, and should result in people going to jail.  But they won't of course, because Democrat.  So, when Mr. Obama tells a lie that he knows, or should have known is a lie, the evil here is monstrous. I will make a further indictment. The fact that every member of his party in office also knows, or should have known makes them equally culpable in his lies. The mainstream news media who report the lie, but don't call him on it, can again be considered equally culpable.  The only way either of them can extricate themselves is to loudly proclaim that this is a lie.  They won't.

 Back to the Filozof piece for a minute; he says in his concluding paragraph that people should be frightened for the future of our republic. I disagree. We should instead become resolved and harden ourselves to the idea that the Republic will stand, that we will not go down without a fight. Prepare yourselves both physically, and spiritually. We must be armed both physically, but we must also be sure what we believe. What is taking place today in America is manifestly evil. We must be sure we are standing on God's side.

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