Monday, January 4, 2016

The People's Republik of Kalifornia Strikes Again

Jan LaRue discusses the most recent intolerable act in Kalifornia today at Besides the blatant shredding of the Constitution taking place here, the act fails to do what it claims to do by inspections. It claims to make everyone safer by taking guns away from those who the family, friends, or neighbors claim are showing signs of being mentally disturbed. But it doesn't take away knives, baseball bats, shoe strings, get the idea. If one of these "mental defectives" were an executive, why shouldn't the state deny him his ties? Can't a tie be used to strangle someone?

The opportunities abound with such a law for those who want to control what other do.  Are you and your neighbor not getting along, perhaps because your tree shades a bit of his ground?  Does he know you have guns?  He could call you into the state.  Your teen upset at not getting to go to that party where "everyone who is anyone will be there?"  To bad for you.  California used to be a beautiful state.

She also discusses briefly the planned Obama diktats and what these might entail.  Make no mistake, they won't enhance your rights in any way, and they won't make anyone safer.  Indeed, the best we can hope for out of this President is that they won't make us any less safe than we already are.

Go read Jan LaRue's article, as she is a better writer than I am.  

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