Sunday, January 24, 2016

Still more from the FSA

I found this over at the Smallest Majority. It is Bill Whittles Pajamas TV post here. Bill, whether intentionally or not, spilled the beans that we no longer are living in the nation to which we were born. We now live in a nation ruled by men rather than a nation ruled by laws. From the Supreme Court, some members of which seem to believe it is their job to make the law, to our President, who seems to believe it is his job both the make laws, and to selectively prosecute them, to Congress, whose job is supposed to be to make laws, but who regularly delegate that duty to the Executive, we now live in a land where, if you are part of the "in" crowd, you can get away with anything. 'Twas a time, when even the President felt himself to be beholden to the law and the Constitution, but those days have long gone. If you wonder why I no longer fly the flag, there you have it.

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