Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cruz is out of the race. God help us all.

So, unless divine providence interferes, and it seldom does, Trump will be the Republican nominee. Like the Supreme Court under Roberts, the Creator of the Universe does not view his job as protecting men from their own folly.  I shed tears for what used to be the United States of America.  I had hoped to fly my flag proudly again, but I can not. I understand, of course, why voters find Trump appealing. People out of work, and desperate for jobs, security, and a feeling of self worth turn to someone who promises these things despite the fact that he can not deliver on his promises. When times are tough, people long for a savior, but what they get is a tyrant instead. History is replete with them. The Constitution was supposed to be a bulwark against exactly what is happening. But the Constitution has been so shredded by Progressivism, that few people seem to understand it, or to trust it. So here we are. Like the Medieval witch burners, Pogressives now want to figuratively burn climate skeptics for heresy. Gun owners are sure to follow in the Progressive cross hairs.

Make no mistake, Trump is as Progressive as Hillary. Now, when I call where we live now the Former United States of America, I do not mean that there will not continue to be a place on the map called United States of America. Of course there will. Rome remained after the Roman Republic fell to the Caesars. Like Rome, we will continue to have "elections," though they will mean less and less and will consequently become sillier and sillier. Bread and Circuses, in the form of sports and celebrities will continue to occupy the minds of more and more people.  What I mean is that the idea of the United States of America as a land ruled by laws that bound all citizens, including the Congress and the President, will cease to exist. Instead, we will have a land governed by the whims of men. You will not know from day to day what is legal and what is not, for things will just pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, much as the transgendered bathroom issue popped up. One day no one is talking about it, the next you will be accused of being a bigot for opposing it. People who speak out will be jailed, or "disappeared" and their place in history will be erased.

Mike Vanderboegh once asked in his blog over at Sipsey Street Irregular "Where is your line in the sand?" We are all going to have to decide soon, because things are going to get bad real fast. He also said that when democracy fails, he still gets a vote (because he is armed). Keep your powder dry.

Bob Owens, over at Bearing Arms has a great piece on the difference between Cruz and Trump on the Second Amendment entitled Cruz Schools Trump Supporters on Trumps Horrible 2nd Amendment Racord. Unfortunately, it is all true. If you are low on ammunition of if you think you need another gun, now is the time to buy, before the panic sets in. The mainstream media will obviously be in the tank for Hillary, so will eventually bring out Trumps record on guns. They will also bring out that Trump agreed to put a liberal justice on the Supreme Court. So, I predict that panic buying will set in some time this summer, and anything gun related will be in short supply and expensive. If you have been buying all along, now is the time to top off your needs for the next 4-8 years. If you are just starting, well...good luck.

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