Thursday, May 5, 2016

Getting over Trump? Not so fast.

After yesterday's post, I tried very hard to get myself on board with the Trump nomination.  In the end, I could not.  I have been too invested in the idea that if we returned to the Constitution, many of the issues our country faces would resolve.  I also believe that if we returned to the Bible, that our issues with Islam would also resolve.  Alas, these were not to be.  Despite my best efforts, I could not.  So, it was interesting to see that others are having the same issue. C. Edmund Wright, over at the American Thinker asks Get Over What, About Trump, Exactly? Mr. Wright writes:
So if the "get over it" posture is your position, may I inquire if this the standard Trump supporters will apply to themselves on the morning after Election Day 2016 if Hillary Clinton wins? Hey, she won. No biggie. I'm "over it." Yeah, right.
For the record, I'm not among those who think that Trump will certainly lose to Hillary. I believe Hillary is capable of losing to anyone, Trump included. 
So if that happens, for example, will you apply that same quickie "get over it" standard the day President Trump suggests replacing ObamaCare with something worse because he's "gonna be fantastic for women's health care" and conservatives are "cruel and heartless"? Or signs a bill funding Planned Parenthood after "making a deal" with Chuck Schumer? Or sics the Internal Revenue Service on companies in your 401K portfolio because he doesn't like where they make products? Or extends ethanol subsidies so your gas and your food both cost more while the corn distillate destroys your engine? Or plays golf with his big buddy John Boehner and a day later gives Nancy Pelosi everything she wants? Or for that matter, when he does anything that flies in the face of his "position papers" on his website -- words he clearly never read, let alone wrote? Words he contradicted every time he was in front of an open mic? Will you merely get over it?
These are serious concerns about Trump, and they remain today. And if any of us who opposed Trump were over it today, then that would be a sad commentary on our depth of understanding and commitment.
I see polls all the time where people self identify as conservative, liberal etc. The problem with such polls is that no one ever asks if the conservatives are also people who want to return to the Constitution, as originally understood. If some think that the principles laid down their are out of date, they are not conservative. They are not liberals either, for the Constitution was designed to protect us from meddlesome busybodies who want to inject their notion of how other should live. That is a very liberating idea!

One of the things the Trumpsters seem to want is revenge.  They have had epithets hurled at them by ignoramuses for so long, they just want some payback.  I understand.  It is human nature to seek revenge.  Many have been out of work, and despite the glorious numbers coming out of the administrations official book cookers, unemployment stands at a not very glorious 10-18 percent.  We can't really be sure because of the way the books are cooked.  Many of them are tired of seeing crooks get off while they no that if they did half of what the crooks do, they would be put in jail and the key thrown away.  Note to Mr. Obama and the MSM: No one was fooled by your Benghazi story that a film was responsible.  No one has ever been indicted for breaking US and International Law in the case of Fast and Furious, and we know that.  They are boiling mad that Obamacare has never been repealed.  I get it; they want revenge.  But revenge is a poor tool to use in deciding who our next Commander in Chief will be.

The problem is Trump has no principle, other that what is good for Trump is good for all.  Cruz has priniciples, very strong ones, had has shown a willingness to not compromise them.  So what if he is not a good orator.  So what if he isn't someone you would want to have a beer with.  You don't have to.  Congressmen consider it meritorious to have legislation on the books.  All well and good, but the truth is there are too many Federal laws as it is.  We really need to prune the Federal Register and get rid of a lot of these laws.  Cruz would have performed a valued service if the only thing he did was to veto the crap coming out of Congress, and got rid of a bunch of Executive branch agencies, or at least got rid of about three fourths of the people in them.

So, no, I will not soon be getting over the defeat of a good and principle man by a sleaze bag like Trump.  America had its chance, and it blew it.  May God help us all, because we have proved to be unable to govern ourselves.

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