Friday, May 27, 2016

The ATF's Dog Ate the Documents

Katie Pavlich is reporting today at that Mexican Cartels Used Fast and Furious Guns for Mass Killings. Meanwhile, justice turns s l o w l y as a federal judge just last month ruled an "executive privilege" claim made in 2012 was apparently not legitimate after all. So, now the DO(i)J (Department of in-Justice) must release fast and furious documents.  Except, some other tactic will be used.  Perhaps their email system failed at the same time the IRS system failed and everything was lost?  Or, maybe they could try the old standby, my dog ate it.

I keep reporting things as I find them about fast and furious because I believe getting to the bottom of it is important, and putting those responsible in prison is important. You see, some people will obey the law because it is the law. But...dare I say it...a majority of people obey the law only when it serves their purposes, or when the consequences of disobeying are sure and swift.  But when justice drags on so long, justice is truly denied.  That laws were broken by people whose job was to ensure they were followed, and people died as a result, is not mere politics.  Keep in mind that the very laws designed to prevent criminals from obtaining guns by straw purchases were violated, at the request of the ATF, and then the guns were allowed to walk,  The fact that the whole scheme was designed to create the impression that U.S sourced guns were being used as crime guns in the War on Drugs and that therefore more gun control was needed, makes this even more tragic.  People have been killed to serve an agenda.  No one has been charged or tried.  Am I crazy to think that someone should pay a price for this horrendous negligence?

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