Monday, February 27, 2017

More on the 4th Circuit Ruling in Kolbe

In case someone looked at the 4th Circuit Court ruling in Kolbe and thought that it only applies to the 4th Circuit, Jonathon Keiler writes a piece in the American Thinker today to disabuse that person entitled 4th Circuit Sets Stage for a New National Gun Ban. Keller argues that the 4th Circuit was anticipating a Clinton win, in which case she would already have her nominee sitting on the Supreme Court, and would have by now rammed a gun ban through at least the House. Keiler:
In an unusual opinion that at times reads more like an op-ed at the New York Times than a legal ruling, the 4th Circuit Court last week upheld Maryland's highly restrictive "Firearms Safety Act." It's apparent that the 4th Circuit acted in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton victory in November, in which case its decision would have gone unchallenged by the Supreme Court or affirmed, thus substantially laying the groundwork for the overturn of the Supreme Court's ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller, and with that the effective national evisceration of the 2nd Amendment under a second Clinton administration. The 4th Circuit, like a lot of people, miscalculated, and their judicial overreach should push a heretofore reluctant Supreme Court to reinforce the Heller decision.
The 4th Circuit's decision in Kolbe et al v. Maryland was a direct, if often legally incomprehensible attempt to greatly limit the Supreme Court's seminal decision in Heller and set the stage for a new national ban on semi-automatic rifles. Heller held that the 2nd Amendment confers an individual not a collective right to keep and bear arms. Kolbe, so long as it stands, says this individual right does not extend to any firearm with military utility, which is arguably pretty much every gun ever made.
Keiler gets closer to the obvious point, but doesn't quite make the connection that the Second Amendment was designed so that the citizens of the United States would be armed with precisely the militarily useful weapons that would be needed should we be called upon to defend the nation. Certainly we may use these weapons in any way that is legal for us to use them. Hunting, sports such as bullseye matches, steel matches, International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) as well as long range shooting, and various combat training sports.  These were all once popular in the United States. Participation was high, and competition was fierce.  Ball games and other substitutes for such activity was relatively unknown then.

The Left in this country is not defeated.  They never rest and never give up.  The gun grabbers are just one vanguard of the Left, seeking to undermine and destroy the Constitution.  I would even argue that these people are traitors, though you can not prosecute them as such.  We need to be ever vigilant, and on the attack.  

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