Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sobieski Gets the Second Amendment and the Kolbe Ruling

So, finally, Daniel John Sobieski actually gets the meaning of the Second Amendment.  While others have highlighted the huge danger that the 4th Circuits ruling in Kolbe establishes, few have stated why we are so worked up about it. It is not because twe are alarmed about losing our hobby. If the government decided to close down amateur radio, for example, I might be upset over the investments I have made in amateur equipment, but I would not be blogging about it. And I don't even hunt deer. Mrs. Polykahr might shoot me herself if I ever harmed one of her beloved Bambis. No, I, and most of the other people who are alarmed by the 4th Circuit's ruling are alarmed because if the Second Amendment is effectively read out of the Constitution, it will permit a future Leftist Government to take actions to criminalize gun owners and to do what it can to confiscate our guns. They will, no doubt, by their actions, bring about a civil war.

Sobieski's article can be found at the American Thinker today by clicking on Fourth Circuit Infringes on Heller. Sobieski writes:
Before gun control zealots shout “aha!” remember that Heller established that the right to bear arms was an individual right, not a privilege granted by the state. Our Founding Fathers made clear what they considered a militia to consist of and what the purpose for bearing arms was self-defense against thugs and tyrants, not to hunt deer: The famous ride by Paul Revere was not to alert hunters that deer season was now open, it was to notify free men that it was time for gun owners to grab their muskets and finally free themselves to fight tyranny.
But even Sobieski doesn't seem to understand that despite the rulings of these "Men in Black," the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights are not granted by the Constitution. Rather, that document specifically acknowledges these rights to warn any government official not to infringe them. The rights acknowledged by the Constitution are granted by our Creator. Because of this, to restrict these rights is a sin against God. But the Left doesn't believe in God either, or they would take their calling to be a judge as a sacred duty.  A judge who took his calling seriously would judge according to the law, not make up laws to suit his opinion.  Each person is supposed to be a moral agent, acting under the constant guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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