Thursday, July 6, 2017

Make the Left Bleed

Two artcles at the American Thinker on tow separate days express what we, as conservatives, should be doing further our interests in seeing our agenda advanced and the agenda of the Left retreat.  The first, published today is The Vile, Crazy, Left by Trevor Thomas. He points out that:
I’m afraid much of what we read and hear from the President that is undesirable is the result of living most of his life under significant liberal influence. As even Rush Limbaugh himself pointed out less than two months prior to the election last year, Donald Trump is not a conservative -- at least not in the sense that most define real conservatism. But as Rush also pointed out, strong conservatism hasn’t been at the top of the GOP ticket since 1984. What Donald Trump is, and what he can continue to be, is a great ally in the battle against liberalism and the radical, perverse agenda of the modern left.
President Trump has proven this many times over since his inauguration on January 20. From (most of) his cabinet appointments, to his Supreme Court appointment, his lower court appointments, his executive orders, and so on, President Trump has gotten much done to aid the cause of conservatism and hinder the cause of liberalism. Of course, liberals are not blind to this, and thus the continuous “nasty” attacks from the left.
And nasty is as nasty does. The left simply can’t help itself, because, for the most part, it is simply who they are. In addition to their dishonest attempts to undermine President Trump and the GOP’s agenda, time and again, liberals have left nearly no insult unturned as they have sought to ridicule and insult President Trump and his family. Along with the countless vile attacks on the President, Ivanka (see herehere, and here), Melania, (see here, here, and here), and even 11 year-old Barron Trump (see here, here, and here) have suffered the evil ire of the modern left.
Even if I sometimes disagree with Trump on an issue, or find some of his tweets cringe worthy, the over the top, and horrible rhetoric of the Left makes me want to defend Trump. He is looking loke the underdog in a very one sided fight. In comparison to the vile and nasty statements by the Left, and the violence and destruction wrought by many on the Left, Trump appears to be fighting my the Marquess of Queensberry rules. Meanwhile:
Alas, whether elected officials, members of the press, entertainers, educators, and even those devoted to ministry, liberalism corrupts. And liberals still wonder how -- just how any self-respecting person could support Donald Trump. Maybe those devoted to killing children in the womb, killing the family, killing capitalism, redefining the oldest institution in the history of humanity, redefining gender, redefining the Second Amendment, defending and promoting pornography (and virtually any other sexual perversion imaginable), defending and promoting socialism, defending and promoting the myth of global warming, and so on, should consider how vile and vulgar many Americans find the tenets of modern liberalism.
So, what should we do about it? What really can we, the unwashed masses (as the Left likes to call us) or more accurately, individuals with the ability to think for him or herself, do? Well, we can Make the Left Bleed. William L. Gensert explains that we do not want to make members of the Left bleed literally, but at the same time we need to get rid of the notion that we should be better than the Left. As Gensert points out:
What would have forced civility gotten Trump anyway? What did it get George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney? Nothing -- they were pilloried from pillar to post anyway, and their enemies were never afraid to attack and abuse them for even the slightest of slights and to be truthful, even in the absence of slights.
It’s telling that McCain was surprised when all the Democrat friends he thought he had in Congress, suddenly turned on him and treated him like a pariah because he dared to oppose Barack Obama.
Republicans have always played the game with civility or perhaps they tempered their reactions because of fear. Regardless, they played checkers while the left played three-dimensional chess and the Republicans were always the pawns. Talk about bringing a knife to a gunfight -- who doesn’t love Sean Connery?
To not fight, to be gentlemen and to prosecute this battle with decorum and a sense of fairness to the Democrats is a surefire loss. They won’t play that game; they will go after friends and family and anyone ever known or loved simply to kill that person politically in an apoplectic frenzy, froth, and spittle dripping from their blood-soaked jaws as they stand above the prone carcass and explain how his death was his own fault (see the attempted assassination of Scalise).
So how can you make the Left bleed? Don't spend your money where the Left draws its funds from. Don't use products advertised on Facebook, for example. Don't buy anything from Target. Even if you don't particularly like Chick-fil-A, but buy their products anyway. You don't even have to be absolutely faithful to the project to make a difference. If you deny the Left your money, you will bleed them dry. But you have to get out there and do it. Make the Left Bleed.

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