Friday, July 7, 2017

The "Religion of Peace"

9/11/2001, the event that brought down the World Trade Center and killed 2,927 individuals, is now almost 16 years ago.  Ever since that seminal event, people have been characterizing Islam as the "Religion of Peace."  It started with President George W. Bush.  But I can't tell you how many times I hear or read such tripe.

I have tried to relay to people in my congregation that Islam is anything but a "Religion  of Peace."  There are explicit text in the Koran and in the Hadiths that instruct, in no uncertain terms, the faithful Muslim to kill Christians and Jews. The Bible, by contrast, has no such admonition that requires its adherents to kill anyone for all of time.  The New Testament, which is the culmination of God's saving grace for all mankind has not the least mention that Christians should kill anyone. But I am afraid many of them are caught up in the PC hysteria, and are afraid of being labeled as "Islamaphobic." But is it phobic when Islam really does want to kill you? I think not.

(Note to trolls:  Do not start with either the Crusades, which were a defensive war against Muslim aggression, or talk about how true Christians should be pacific.  The Bible requires you to defend yourself, and your family against aggression by another.  You are not required to be beaten to death  Nor are you required when you home is being invaded to "turn the other cheek."  There is a concept of Just War, and you should investigate that before you begin flaming me.)

In my eternal optimism that I may influence just one person, I will try to explain again with the help of an article at the American Thinker entitled The Rage of Islam by Tabitha Korol. Ms. Korol began her writing career after retirement writing letters to the editors of various publications. She has since blossomed into a writer in her own right and writes about Middle Eastern topics.

In today's piece, she explains how the culture surrounding Islam, and its twin Sharia law, keep young Muslim men enraged, and keep half the brain power of Islam enslaved.  Ms. Korol:

It begins in the home. Family life is a microcosm of the surrounding culture. Inside and outside the Islamic home, there is oppression, subordination, envy, animosity, shame, enslavement, and emotional and physical pain for any deviation. Muslim women are among the poorest, most oppressed, and least educated in the world, caged by their cumbrous shrouds in the insufferable desert heat, by their misogynist sharia laws, and by their chauvinist husbands. The 7th-century Bedouin woman’s attempt at privacy and protection has become a symbol of humiliation, servitude, and protection from men who are raised to lack restraint. Thus clad and maltreated, there is no natural interaction between the sexes, such as is found elsewhere. Not only are the women deprived of freedom and individuality, but they are also denied sunlight and Vitamin D, and more likely to develop osteoporosis, experience pelvic fracture during childbirth, and have babies who are disposed to seizures.
While boys and girls in Western cultures learn to communicate and socialize with each other, pursue their choice of careers and mate for marriage, Muslim youths are kept apart. The sexual attraction found throughout the entire natural world is spurned by Islam as “shameful”; they attach an unhealthy negativity to all aspects of sexuality. Social segregation leads to discomfort, fear, and hostility. Arab men learn to hate women and indulge in homosexual behavior with boys or effeminate men (considered an acceptable substitute), thereby emasculating the victimized male. The result is sexual confusion. The intense sexual repression and misogyny emerge as the rage and rape seen in the youths who are sent to the lands of the infidel. The husbands remain unhappy, confused, and violent. Yet Israel is blamed for the degenerate behavior with which Islamic society is riddled.
In some Muslim societies, consanguineous marriages are encouraged, often producing sick, dysfunctional children -- suitable, perhaps, for jihad martyrdom. Polygamous marriages with as many as four wives are also acceptable but deprive all of the intimacy and security found in faithful monogamous marriages. The effects of polygamy are favoritism and divisiveness, neglect, deprivation, jealousy, and bitterness. The women are stuck in a loveless marriage, beaten into submission, and robbed of friendships. Further, the Koran and Hadith sanction beating wives, with encouragement and guidelines provided on television by the Mufti of Gaza.
Sharia is supposedly based in the Koran, and was supposedly given to man by God. But in reality is a collection of Bedouin tribal customs with sought to maintain the power of the head of the tribe, and consquuently, any head of household.  For it is by the various techniques of oppression, subjugation, shame and envy along with "honor" killings that the head of the household maintains his control over both is sons and daughters, and limits the input of mothers, who might otherwise round the sharp edges of Islam.  Notice too that Islam does not demand faithfulness, as our God does.  What is in your heart is of no matter.  Rather, Islam demands obedience.  And that obedience is carried down to the heads of households, to the so called Holy Men, and to the rulers.  There is nothing our God can not forgive, there is nothing their god will forgive.

I hope you will read the whole article.  Let me close with this:
It is obvious that the violence inherent within the Muslim male has its roots in the lurid instability of the home, the mosque, and their society in general. Tragically, instead of addressing the real source of the problem, Muslims are trained to blame anything but themselves. Islam has had many “whipping boys.” Blaming Israel’s retaliatory actions for Muslim violence, as proclaimed by Ms. Simonovic, is like accusing the victim of antagonizing his attacker by defending himself.
Disturbingly, Islam appears to have been masterfully crafted to be the antithesis of Judaism and Christianity that preceded it. The Bible celebrates life; the Koran sacrifices it. Wife-beating is merely one of innumerable components that form the atrocity of Islam and threaten the survival of humankind.

Ann Coulter was right when she said that We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war.

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