Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Madness of Transgenderism

Because I live in a place Rush Limbaugh calls "Realville," I refuse to go along with transgendered individuals by calling them by their preferred pronoun.  A man wearing dress and calling himself a "she" will find me resolutely calling him "he."  Even if one undergoes hormone treatment, and surgery to remove his male parts, no one can change his DNA.  Psychologically, he will always be a man dressed in drag.  And the revers is true of women as well.

The American Thinker today has an article entitled Portraits of Madness: Don Quixote and the Transgender SJW, by William Sullivan. Sullivan illustrates in his piece the suffering and hardship that delusional people impose on those around them. They often brow beat the people closest to them, the people who love them and want them to remain in their lives into going along with their fantasies, pretending that they, like the emperors subjects, can see his new clothes. But, as the little boy points out, the emperor has no clothes. Don Quixote is not a fearsome knight but a sad old man in ill fitting armor.  The wind mill is not a giant monster.  There is no such thing as "transgendered." No one "assigns" your gender at birth, as if they were ordering a customizable feature on a car. We are what we are, and it is all pretty obvious to any observer. Its either a boy or a girl. Boys have that little appendage down there, girls do not.

Unlike what has been repeatedly stated by the harridan press, boys and girls really do have differences in their psychological makeup that seem to track very closely with the differences in their DNA and so up pretty soon after birth.  As has been documented time and again, girls are generally better listeners, and better communicators, and are more nurturing.  Boys have naturally better visual skills, hand-eye coordination, and so forth.  Both the male dominated and the female dominated skills occur in both sexes to greater or lesser degrees, and some women may be better that most men at male dominated skills, and vice versa.  but none of that changes the truth that there are indeed significant differences.

I was happy to see that Mr. Trump indicated that "transgendered" individuals would not be allowed in the military.  I was disappointed with the predicatable reaction by the Left.  The idea that the transgendered do not cost any more than others is quite untrue.  The first "cost" is that these people identify themselves first and foremost not as potential soldiers, but as "special."  Because of the "special" identification, these people demand acknowledgement and even celebration of their status, which can only have deleterious effects on morale and unit cohesion so necessary to an organization whose mission is to fight wars.   Then there is the extra cost of continued treatment to allow them to maintain their delusions, which also have to be maintained even in a war zone.  Trump is right, the cost is too high, and frankly, the payoff for the nation is zero.

Sullivan concludes his article with this:
The delusions of transgender individuals will undoubtedly persist. But there is nothing noble, and there is plenty that is detrimental, in our continued cultural enablement of the madness promoted by transgender ideology.
Just so.

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