Friday, January 10, 2020

Climate Researchers Manipulate Data

Perhaps you are wondering how, in the face of all the "evidence"  that the Earth is warming and that man is destroying the environment.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells us we have only 12 years left to live!  Greta Thunberg wonders how dare we?  Except, of course, that the planet has be only 12 years until doom since Al Gore produced his movie An Inconvenient Truth. Doing the high powered mathematics required reveals that we should already be dead. Huh...

John Eidson pulls the curtain back on the so called "evidence" to reveal that it is manipulated to give the results the climate alarmists want in a piece entitled Eye - popping video exposes brazen junk science by Federal climate assessment program. Dear readers should especially look at the embedded video. What it shows is that the U. S. Global Climate Change Research Program selectively pick the starting dates for their various "proofs of warming to achieve the desired results. As you will learn, though, when the hidden data is added to the charts, it shows that the claim of warming is pure bunk.

As with the idea that veganism somehow is more environmentally sound and reduces global warming, the facts just do not add up.  But please, go check it out for yourselves.


  1. Junk Science used for a political and globalist agenda. And of course personal enrichment for those advocating it. Just ask Al Gore, Jr.
    Take care, Wade!

  2. David,

    Good to hear from you, and thanks for commenting. I am sure that if one were to follow the money, one could get to the heart of why the Fed is so insistent that the earth is warming. However, I am not that person.

    Take care, as always,