Saturday, March 28, 2020

Culture Of Death On The Left

I continue to be skeptical that the Kung Flu is as dangerous as the media continually hawks it to be.  For one thing, the media's continuing focus on the Wuhan Flu is just too convenient for the Leftists.  Now, I don't totally discount that it may well be as described.  After all, even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.  Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. get the idea.  But the odds are that the current suffering of the American people is just one more in a long line of trumped up panics run by Leftists and the propaganda wing of the Democrat party.

Jeffery T. Brown has a powerful story at the American Thinker today entitled Death As A Political Tool. Brown takes us back to the abortion scandal in this country that results in between 800,000 and 1,000,000 deaths per year of innocent babies. The fact that the Left fights tooth and nail to keep abortion on demand legal in the United States, and accepts no limits on it whatsoever says much about who these people are.  By comparison, estimates of the number of people killed by COVID 19 are 80,000 people, who survived being killed by their own mothers.

But Leftists and their policies have killed more people than anything else since its founding during the French revolution. Indeed, Leftism seems to be a cult of death, or at least death to anyone but themselves.  And it continues in places like Venezuela, a formerly wealthy country brought low by socialist policies that have left bare shelves at grocery stores, the people scavenging dumpsters for anything remotely edible. But Brown is says it best:
If you've been paying attention for the last ten years or so in particular, you may have noticed in how many ways political leftists in this country love death. Not their own, but the deaths of otherwise anonymous American citizens whom they've never met, care nothing about, and clearly consider deserving of sacrifice for their policy objectives. These progressives, globalists, socialists, or any other synonym you wish to append to the ghouls who harvest souls for their own advancement think nothing of choosing who lives and who dies. They do it all the time, and that's just to seize power they don't have yet. Imagine what our country will look like if or when they are fully in control, as they thought they'd be in 2016 and hope to be again soon.

This week, we've been treated to the spectacle of Democrats in Congress using a national health catastrophe that is killing people daily, and bankrupting those who live, to extort political agenda items from the country while it suffers exponentially by the day. We've seen the Democrat governor of Nevada issue an executive order banning the use of a drug that is shown to cure people with COVID-19, apparently on the basis that President Trump identified it as a means of stopping the virus in its tracks, to the benefit of the country and its economy. They would rather exact petty victories and hide cures than defeat the illness and save American lives because the more people who die, the more they can blame Trump in November for a crisis he has responded to with every ounce of energy and determination. The more people suffer economically, the worse for Trump and the better for them.
Of course, this is a gun blog, right? So one should mention that one of the things all Leftists can agree on is that nobody but them should have a gun. Wasn't it Mao who said that power grows out of the barrel of a gun? People on the right are constantly accused of having blood on their hands because of support for the Second Amendment. Never mind that the problem is not guns per se, but those that misuse them. Oh, and the Left will never give up their weapons, no matter what the law may say. They don't feel a need to obey inconvenient laws:
Maybe you've noticed that not only do leftists love for children to be in schools deemed "gun-free zones," but they fight like hell to make sure that no one in those schools can prevent the deaths that become so useful to the advancement of their agenda. We are then offered the spectacle of the anti–Second Amendment politicians briefly leaving the protective cocoon of their armed security detail to tell us how unacceptable it would be for teachers and school administrators to be able to kill a gunman whose primary inducement in his choice of location is that no one will shoot back for a good, long time. Those aren't their children or grandchildren we're mourning. Those are expendable children. Perhaps it's sad, theoretically, that their lives were snuffed out by a triggered lunatic protected by laws passed by liberals that prevented the shooter's pre-emptive commitment to an institution, whether psychological or criminal, but their families have the comfort of knowing that their children died to eradicate the Second Amendment. They were offered up so that we can eventually be a nation of unarmed, subservient workers ruled by the politicians who willingly sacrificed those children so they can be the ones on top when the dust settles, sans bullet holes.
Please go read the whole article and remember that the current panic has nothing to do with the deaths that may result from the Chinese flu. The current panic is designed to damage President Trump. For perspective, the new estimate of the ultimate number of COVID 19 deaths in the US is around 80,000.  By comparison, the 2016 -2017 flu season killed 80,000.  Nobody was panicking then.

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