Friday, March 27, 2020

Joe Biden At His Elitist Best

Roger Katz has a piece at Ammoland entitled Biden The Half Wit Dares To Lecture The Public On The 2nd Amendment:
Politicians, especially those on the Radical Left and new Progressive Left of the political spectrum, proceed along their merry way, seemingly having not a care in the world, either oblivious to the fact, or, perhaps, all too mindful of it, that the actions they take as legislators, compromising the citizenry's most sacred rights and liberties, diminishes them as Americans, undermines the Constitution, and creates a hell for the rest of us to live in. Yet, there is no compromise (in the sense of negotiation), on a fundamental, immutable, unalienable, natural right; nor can there be compromise. The word ‘compromise,’ here, denotes outright capitulation. That, of course, is what the Democrats want, and the Detroit autoworker, Jerry Wayne, was doing the public a favor in bringing to light the irrationality of Biden’s remarks on the Second Amendment. Biden obviously wasn’t able to respond effectively to the irrationality of his own position. How could he? His position is self-contradictory.
Sincerity was never Biden’s long suit; nor is controlling his anger. Biden’s obvious disinclination to engage the public, despite his efforts to demonstrate the contrary, comes across plainly and painfully. His rancor and deceit, irascibility and dissembling, along with an inability or lack of desire to even try to control his temper should not be lost on anyone.
With his daily Wuhan virus updates, one suspect Cuomo may be auditioning for the presidency, because heaven knows, even the reduced field is just awful. But I understand from someone who knew him at HUD that Cuomo is no better. I start to believe that William F. Buckley, Jr. had the right idea:  he'd rather be governed by someone picked at random from the Boston phone book.  (Note for those too young to remember what a phone book was, it was a printed database of all the people and businesses in the area with their addresses and telephone numbers.)

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