Thursday, October 15, 2020

Abortion, or getting rid of it, is the key

 Let's take a break from mask mandates to tale about something that is really important. Today, at the  American Thinker Alma Acevedo has an article entitled Abortion: More Than A Single Issue that makes the point that abortion, far from being a single issue, is in fact the key to the entire Socialist project. She points out that if we accede to the idea that the unborn can be arbitrarily killed in the womb, or even more shockingly, just after birth, to what will we not accede?

"Progressive" politicians condescendingly brand pro-lifers as "single-issue voters" and abortion as a "single-issue." This straw man subtly dismisses pro-lifers as simplistic, fanatical, and naïve, and abortion as "one among many" on the electoral laundry list. Once the elephant in the room is pushed aside, SJW candidates feel empowered to tout the "real" issues of economic equality and climate change. Yet abortion is far from being just a single issue.
Abortion is the master key that releases Pandora's box of radical calamities. If your own child is an undue burden who may be terminated, what about the critically ill, the handicapped, the infirm? If the unborn baby is construed as an unwelcome intruder to be removed, as in the infamous violinist thought game, why not any unwanted Other — the unmasked passerby, the white privileged, the MAGA-hatted, the gun-owner, the religious believer, the maligned police, the vilified president? If you justify spilling innocent blood, why not that of those labeled bigoted, undesirable, or unfit? If the ultimate cancelation is a "right," toppled statues, burnt flags, vandalized buildings, looted stores, and banned media outlets are but paltry collateral damage.
The abortion apparat's links to socialism, communism, and fascism are no secret. In these ideologies, the state subordinates the individual person; adults' interests override the child's. The abortion machinery in communist China and Nazi eugenics is but Exhibit A. The godlike prerogatives behind the state suffocating the person, and the adult crushing the unborn, also lurk behind the impetus to create a new world order.
Euthanasia as "mercy killing" and "death with dignity" is cut from the same tortuous rhetorical cloth of abortion as "pro-choice" and "essential health care." Similar twisted threads underlie the narrative of medical kidnapping as "social services," gender ideology indoctrination and homeschooling restrictions as "education," critical race theory as "higher education," arbitrary mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns as "public health." Violent riots as "peaceful protests," biased and deceptive propaganda as "free press," spying on political opponents as "foreign intelligence," and population control as "sustainability" or "poverty relief" follow the same warped language game.
Right now, Democrats are doing whatever they can to keep Amy Coney Barret from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. But there is no guarantee that even if she does get confirmed, that a case will come before the Court that strikes down Roe V. Wade. And even if Roe V. Wade is struck down, it would necessarily return to the states, where each would have to decise for its jurisdiction. There is no guarantee, but getting real with the language of what abortion means will take us a long way towards getting rid of this scourge. Abortion is the murder of an innocent child, pure and simple. One has to wonder what kind of psychopath does that?

Please go read Ms. Acevedo's article.  Then, while you there, also go read  Why don't we all recognize this horror by Alicia Colon
Could there be anything more important for the future of the human race than to acknowledge the importance of motherhood? Israeli actress Gal Gadot, mother of two, posted on instagram a poster of a pregnant Wonder Woman with the words, "I grow humans, what's your super power?" Could there be anything greater than that? I don't think so.
Gullible feminists in their race to attain equality with men have only sacrificed their innate humanity without recognizing they've fallen into a trap. Abortion has been far more beneficial to toxic masculinity than for so-called women's rights. No more shotgun weddings, and more fetal matter for mad Frankenstein scientists.
Abortion, or rather getting rid of it, truly is the key. In saving the lives of the innocent, we save our own.

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