Monday, February 16, 2009

H.R 45

I just fired off this correspondence to Mr. David E. Price, Democrat Congressman from the 4th District of North Carolina. You will note that I didn't mention that the Supreme Court has already struck down charging fees for the exercise of a Constitutionally protected right (think poll taxes here,) or that such laws have in the past been used to confiscate all legally owned weapons (think Nazi Germany, New York City, England and Australia, ) or that even if he can cite some benign purpose, for what purpose will some future administration use this legislation?

Mr. Price:

I am opposed to all public policy elements of H.R. 45.
am opposed to:

...passing a written examination to purchase a firearm.

...releasing medical records -- including confidential mental health
records -- to the Attorney General.

...submitting to a two day waiting
period to exercise my Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

...paying a fee of $25 or more to exercise my Constitutional right to
purchase a firearm.

...creating a national database with all firearms
and firearms owners registered by serial number with the Federal Government.

...a Federal ban on all private firearms sales.

...all increases
in penalties for clerical errors related to this national firearms registry.

Please take these thoughts into account if HR 45 should come before you
for a vote, or if these provisions come up under some other legislation. From
the nature of the legislation, it looks as if the goal is to trip up anyone who
makes a purchase, or currently owns a gun, and decrease ownership generally by
scaring the timid into believing they can not own a weapon without tripping
themselves up. If that is indeed the purpose, it is hardly worthy of the Federal
Government. If not, then what is the purpose? Whatever it may be, the law
abiding people of NC are not the problem, and playing a "gotcha" game with us is
not going to help.


I requested a response. I have never gotten one before from this Congressman, but if I get one, I will post it. Mr. Price has an F rating from the NRA. For the NRA to give out an F rating, a politician has to be absolutely terrible on gun issues, as they can find redeeming qualities even in Carolyn McCarthy. But he should realize that guns protect both liberals and conservatives, lefties and righties, and everyone in between.

In case anyone believes that all this fuss is over nothing, please read
How Democracies Become Tyrranies in the American Thinker. Anyone who thinks what Obama and the "Democrats" in Congress are doing is new can read what Plato wrote 2500 years ago.

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