Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No We Won't

Laura Hollis has a wonderful article up today. You can read it all here, and I encourage each one to read it, think about it, and ask ourselves how we can say to those who would be our masters, "No We Won't."

This may seem a complete non sequitur to people frantic about the disappearance of a trillion dollars down a rabbit hole. But that money isn’t spent yet. The 2010 elections could change things dramatically. But throwing the hypocritical spendthrift bums out of Congress (and they wrote this bill, not Obama) is dependent upon American’s access to truthful information. This, for the moment therefore, is the most critical fight.

Rick Santelli's now infamous "rant" on CNBC proves my point. It was the first sign of hope I’ve seen in months. And I am not alone (if the 1.7 million hits to CNBC’s website are any indication). Santelli tapped into a huge and powerful vein of public sentiment Mary Kate Cary in U.S. News and World Report called Santelli’s opinion, “the elephant in the room.” (Now there’s an image message-seeking Republicans should be able to relate to.)

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We can not just sit back and let our country be taken over by these people. We have a duty to our progeny to preserve Freedom and Liberty as birthrights for future generations of Americans.

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