Thursday, January 21, 2010

Che: Setting the Record Straight

I don't usually pass on articles about Che Guevara, because if they are true, they are too disgusting, and otherwise there is no truth in them. But Che Guevara Exposed: The Killer on the Lefties T-shirts by Humberto Fontova in today's seeks to set the record straight after a new movie, "Che" by Stephen Soderbergh received numerous film awards. It's a long read, but if you can stomach it, I urge you to read it all. A quote to give you a flavor of the piece:

Upon arriving in Havana in January 1959 after an utterly bogus guerrilla war (The New York Times breathlessly reported of “thousands dead in single battles!” The official tally compiled by the U.S. embassy after two years of ferocious “civil war” was 184 dead on both sides, half New Orleans’ annual murder tally.), Che Guevara immediately recognized the moat around Havana’s old Spanish fortress La Cabana as a handy-dandy, ready-made execution pit. So he promptly put his firing squads to work in triple shifts.

Edwin Tetlow, Havana correspondent for London’s Daily Telegraph, reported on a mass “trial” orchestrated by Che Guevara in February 1959, where Tetlow noticed the death sentences posted on a board before the trial had started.
It only gets more depraved from there. Contrary to the "hero of the revolution," Fontova paints a picture of a sniveling, cowardly sociopath. A ne're do well before he met the Castro brothers in 1955, it seems he couldn't really do anything else well either. He was a one trick pony, his one trick being the mass murder of defenseless men, women, and children to bring about his collectivist ideology. Some trick.

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