Sunday, January 17, 2010

What if Scott Brown Wins in MA

Rick Moran has an article today at the American Thinker analysing how the Democrats might react if Scott Brown wins the election. The piece, entitled Health Care Reform Scenarios if Brown Wins is a must read. Note that there are multiple ways for the Democrats to pass ObamaCare, and only a few ways it can be stopped. Hold on to your hats though, because the only way Scott Brown wins is if he wins by a margin too large to be ignored. If it is close, I believe the Dems will steal the election the way Franken did, and proceed with business as usual.

To my liberal friends, let me say that when the vote counting appeared to be going against Franken, ballots were suddenly discovered in the trunk of a car. How convenient! Oh, and look, they mostly went for Franken. How fortuitous! While it will never be proved, I can not believe that the incident represented vote manufacturing so blatant that it would have made a Chicagoan blush.

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