Friday, January 22, 2010

Revolutionary Holocaust

Since yesterday's post was dedicated to a Communist, I thought I would continue with
Jonah Goldberg writing for Glen Beck: Revolutionary Holocaust: Equal evil, unequal outrage. Mr. Goldberg makes several points that are often lost by people who wear Che t-shirts:

1. The Nazi's were socialists. The Communists are socialist. Both movements are heresies of the same collectivists ideas.

2. The number of people killed in the name of Communism dwarf the numbers Hitler killed in the name of Nazi-ism, hence the outrage against Communism should at least be as great.

Finally, Goldberg doesn't make this point, but I will: progressivism is yet more socialism. The totalitarian tendency is very large, and if they have their way, will be largely unobstructed. While, for example, the Supreme Court struck down parts of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform law, Senator Shmucky Schumer plans to immediately begin trying to circumvent that ruling. The Congress should be properly chastened, but apparently their only instinct is to try to get around the ruling to make a law that the Constitution says they may not make. Unbelievable!

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