Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beware Citizens, Beware

The Curmudgeon Emeritus, Francis Porretto's alter-ego, has an unusually thoughtful analysis of where we stand as a nation a week before the elections entitled Terminal Sickness. When I say unusually thougtful, that is saying something, because Mr. Porretto's posts are always worth reading.  So go read it.  I'll have some thoughts on it when you get back.

Done?  Good.

I suspect that Mr. Porretto has been reading some of the same news stories as I have, and knows, perhaps better than I do how underhanded people who subscribe to the Socialist/Facsist/Progressive or whatever they are calling it at the moment, can be.  Outright lying in campaign advertisements is a small thing.  Vandalism, as seen in Houston represent a more desparate approach, but is not out of bounds.  Ensuring that angry constituents can not get into a townhall meeting is small potatos for sure.  I also know that there will be few, if any prosecutions for stealing one or more elections, because they always protect their own. Any means necessary to advance the cause, and the more desparate the situation, the more desparate the actions taken to remain in power.

Pretensions of that character cannot be defeated by real-world consequences. To accept that one has been totally, shatteringly wrong after having laid claim to demigodlike insight, wisdom, and goodness is to accept that one is but mortal after all, and has been badly misled by excessive pride. The protection of social-fascists’ pride has trumped all possibility of admission of error, always and everywhere.
While I do not agree with those who say elections do not matter, I do recognize that the United States is in mortal danger, and that this election will not change that fact, even if conservatives win back both houses of Congress.  But Porretto says it better than I can:
Though America is poised, ten days hence, to recapture one of the halls of power from the social-fascists, the country is nevertheless in danger. Indeed, it wouldn’t take more than one or two more governmental intrusions upon our society and our economy to render them unsalvageable. Already, nearly half the people of the United States draw government checks for some reason. Already, Washington and the states dispose of nearly half of our national income. Already, there are laws and executive orders in place to bring about martial law and the totalitarianization of our country on the pretext of “national emergency.”
We have already seen here in North Carolina how a "state of emergency" can be generated from mere weather events. In one case, a snow fall last winter, and this summer with the hurricanes, states of emergency were declared. Once that happens, it becomes illegal to carry a gun for protection, when one might think one needs it the most.  At the national level, the Democrats have been persuing a Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm our economy with so much debt that the dollar collapses.  The media probably already have the stories written of various "experts" and acedemics advising the Government to step in and fix what the Government has deliberately broken.  Polling will show it is a popular move.

Beware fellow citizens, and be prepared.

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