Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fortress America

In today's American Thinker, there is an article by Zbigniew Mazurak entitled Why Not a Fortress America. The article is an interesting read, but ultimately long on assertions, and short on actual proofs that these assertions are correct.  Ron Paul has complained that our military has become bloated, with American forces in countries all over the world, defending people who should, quite frankly, take care of their own defense.

In my old age, I begin to think that maybe the best course of action is the traditional one.  Have a relatively small professional force, heavy on officers and senior enlisted, and then revive and reinvigorate the State militias.  One of the duties of the professional force would be to train the State militias.  Every able bodied individual would be required to attend "boot camp" under the professional force, and then would be a member of the State militia in whichever State he chose to reside.  Conscientious objectors could choose to perform duties such as medics, and hospital personnel.  Those determined to be disabled could still perform some duties, depending on their disability and their skills.  To avoid the enslavement argument, anyone can opt out of the system, but would forfeit his or her right to vote or be involved in politics for life.

Once a month, the State militias would have to drill, and practice their militia skills at the County level.  The State Governor would have control over the militias, and would therefore have some say in using them in the event of war.  The States would also have a ready force that could be called out to help in the event of emergencies such as hurricanes.  An interesting aspect of the State militia system is that every member would be issued a rifle and a handgun, which he then must maintain and drill with regularly.  Members would also have to maintain a go-bag that has everything they need so that they are ready to deploy on being called.

Imagine that one of the bogeymen the author of the article brings up invades the United States.  Imagine that that invading army is suddenly confronted with a force of, say 50 million armed people who know the landscape, know tactics that work in their area, and are determined to protect their friends and families.  Why not a "Fortress America?" 

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  1. I believe that is, in broad terms, more or less what the Founders had in mind. You may just be onto something, here.