Thursday, October 28, 2010

The War on Guns: Outing the Genocide Enablers

David Codrea over at the War On Guns points us to two Examiner articles by Kurt Hoffman. The War on Guns: Outing the Genocide Enablers David says these are excellent, and I agree.  Go read them both, they are not that long, but are hard hitting.  One thing Kurt glides over, probably for lack of space in the article, is the definition of "Progressive" for those who may not still know.  "Progressive" is the latest word used to describe the political movement that has in the past gone by the names of Communist, Socialist, Fascist, Marxist, and most recently, Liberal.  Recently, they have also taken over the Democrat party elite, with 82 members part of the Progressive Caucus.  But even the name, Progressive, is a diversion.  These people do not want to make progress, but to take us back to the time when kings and strongmen ruled over the average person, who was forced to live as a serf, or worse.  As you can see, like criminals, they are always changing their name so as to hide like wolves wearing sheep skins.  The Progressives are the American version of the British Fabian Socialists, whose logo literally contains a wolf wearing a sheep skin.  In their eyes, you are what's for dinner.

With that explanation of what Progressivism is, here is a quote from Josh Horowitz's new book Guns, Democracy, and the Insurrectionist Idea:
Recognize Insurrectionism as a threat to the entire progressive movement. Too many political progressives assume that the gun rights movement can be co-opted or simply ignored. Progressives fail to understand that the Insurrectionist idea is part and parcel of a broader reactionary worldview. Unless progressives recognize that the Insurrectionist premise of the modern gun rights movement is fundamentally hostile to the progressive project and its values, the "conservative" movement will use gun rights as a building block for orgnaizing and propagandizing.
So, finally, after eight decades of this stuff, they finally admit it. Gun control has been framed as a crime control method. When that didn't work, we were told that we needed more of it. When that didn't work, we were told that it was because other States hadn't implemented sufficiently restrictive laws. When some States passed shall issue concealed carry, and crime rates went down, they fought similar laws in other States tooth and nail.  Now the gun grabbers are left with no real arguments, their ideas having been defeated on both principled and practical grounds.  Now, the truth finally comes out-our guns do help us prevent tyranny from taking hold, thus interfering with the Progressive agenda.

Go read the whole thing, and if possible, read Josh Horowitz's book, just don't buy the damn thing.


  1. Hey--thanks for the write-up--much appreciated. And yeah--a more thorough treatment of the collectivists' use (or abuse) of the word "progressive" would have been useful, but as you'd guessed, space was running kinda tight.

    You covered it well, though.

    Thanks again,

  2. 45superman,

    I appreciated your examiner articles. Since I wrote this, part 3 has come out, and again I urge readers to go and check it out. I'm also glad to see you writing again. We need all the help we can get.

    Best wishes,