Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get ready for it, The Mask is Coming Off

Voter fraud, and election fraud is as old as the Republic. It has always happened here and there, though most elections have been largely free of such shenanigans. But ever since the Presidential elections of 2000, when Bush refused to sit down and take it, the election fraud, and voter fraud has become more blatant, and more public. Al Franken stole the election by fraud, in my opinion. He just kept finding ballots that...well, what do ya know...had his name on them. Franken was abetted by a partisan Secretary of State who looked upon his efforts with, shall we say, indulgence.

This election season, the Franken act is being played out in many places. In Texas, as the American Thinker explains in an article entitled Why Democrats Win the Close Ones by Rick Moran, Democrat Solomon Ortiz is pulling the same stunt against Republican winner Blake Farenthold.  Ortiz keeps "finding" ballots that just happen to be marked with his name on them.  The same thing may be happening in our own NC-2 race between Renee Ellmers, the election night winner, and Bob Ethridge who just magically happened to find some ballots with his name marked on them.

Now, one of the checks Election officials perform on election night is to count how many ballots were sent to each precinct, subtract how many people voted, including spoiled ballots, and how many unused ballots are being returned.  The numbers should match up.  So, if someone takes a few hundred ballots from a precinct, County officials will know election night.

Now, bad as this is, what all this very public election fraud is REALLY doing is stirring up chaos.  They want to get caught. The Left wants you not to believe that elections have value.  It's part of the plan to demoralize you.  Note too how the mask is starting to come off.  The Communist Party USA actually was a sponsor of the One Nation rally, along with all the usual suspects.  Then there are the calls for violent revolution emanating from the Left. Watch the video at the as this MSNBC calls for violent revolution. The Left will begin to squeeze the middle class from the top down, and the bottom up. They will try to initiate riots in the streets, have governments declare emergencies or martial law.  Try to confuse you even more.  Look at the students rioting in the formerly Great Britain.  Supposedly rioting because the cost of tuition is being raised, these students are just a little too animated for it to really be about that.  What they are really doing is creating chaos for the sake of creating chaos.

Next year, prices will begin to rise, as the dollar devalues.  It will be because of deliberate policy, and the President and Ben Bernanke knew it would happen, wanted it to happen even.  There will be hardship, as people find that a loaf of bread costs $25.  Many do not know how to bake there own.  Gasoline will also go through the roof, again by design.  There will be protests, and riots.  Top down, bottom up.  Then there will be someone saying that if we abandon our sovereignty, and join the rest of the world in what Soros calls a "new world order" that somehow all this will be fixed.  It is a lie.  This is what has been planned all along, and they are hoping you take the bait.  Don't.

Like cattle, you have been nudged and herded toward the cattle chute.  They want you to go there.  But resist.  Be prepared.

Now, if all this sounds like tin foil hat conspiracy theory, well, I am right there with you brother.  Until I watched Glenn Beck's series on George Soros, and realized that he has done this at least 3 or 4 times before in Eastern Europe.  I am still looking into it, but then, Glenn has not been wrong so far.  Take heed.  Be prepared.  Don't fall for any of the Left's tricks. 

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