Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Remind You of '1984'?

Ben Shapiro has an article up at today entitled The Obama Administration In Your Pants. Please check it out. It is a fascinating read about the latest tactic by TSA to invade our privacy for no real increase in safety.

Here, though, is for me the money quote:
But we're supposed to trust the TSA. "We are frequently reminded that our enemy is creative and willing to go to great lengths to evade detection," the TSA explains, touting its new policies.
It's a stretch, I know, but I found it remarkably similar to the perpetuals wars, and the justifications upon which freedoms had been slowly stolen from the people in George Orwell's book '1984'.  If more people would stand their ground and simply refuse to be either scanned or patted down, we could end this horror. This is not for your protection, and the TSA will be hard pressed to show any benefit to it. Frankly, it is nothing less than sexual assault under the color of law.
The irony of all this is that it won't make us safer. Not one whit. So long as we treat nuns and imams the same way at the security gate, we're doomed to failure. You can't find bombs when you search 621 million passengers; they could be hidden anywhere, including Abdulmutallab's secret favorite spot. Terrorists already know how to beat this system. The scanners don't pick up what's inside body cavities. They don't make our luggage screening system any better (seriously, is there anyone in the United States who hasn't accidentally passed a pocketknife, nail clipper or Mace through security?). All this does is overload the system even further so that by the time our intrepid and steadfast TSA agents examine Muslims, they're so tired of prodding and poking that they do a cursory job.

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