Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Squeezing the Average American from the Top and the Bottom

Joe Herring had an article at the American Thinker yesterday that I wanted to highlight for two reasons. The first is that, although critics of the Tea Parties and the Constitutionalists keep saying that we are violent, the fact is that it is the Left that is fomenting violence. The second is a more subtle point. While many on the right have indicated that they will defend their families and the republic if necessary, these people do not want to overthrow the government. Rather, they want to restore it. It is the Left who wants to overthrow the government and replace it with a foreign system of government called Marxism. Please read the entire article at the American Thinker entitled The Threat of Leftist Violence. A quote:

To conservatives, the idea of armed overthrow of the government is nigh on unthinkable. To foment a revolution seeking to invalidate the Constitution in favor of some form of beneficent utopian dictatorship seems as lunatic as to be dismissed without thought. Yet this is precisely the stated aim of hundreds of left-wing groups in America and abroad. Where conservatives can envision resistance to only a government that has destroyed the Constitution, progressives now advocate armed rebellion against a government that won't destroy the Constitution.
The fact of the matter is that many on the lunatic Left view the window closing, at least for another generation. While they have pursued their lives, somehow the experiences have not disabused them of the false notions of their youth, and they remain committed to the project to radically transform our Constitutional republic into a Marxist dictatorship. This is treason, though they will try to blur treasonous acts with defense of the republic.  They are convinced that success is just a matter of having the "right" people in charge.  They are getting desperate.  The One has failed them.  They have not been able to sell their ideas to the public.  Many on the Left are calling the voters stupid and ignorant.  But others have already gone on to the notion violent revolution is the only way.

Once you understand the article above, making sense of this next one is far easier.  At the American Thinker today is an article by Richard Kantro entitled TSA 2, America 0. His point is that the TSA is deliberately trampling upon our Constitutionally protected liberties for the purpose of softening us up, and as usual, claiming necessity.

There are still some to whom it seems alarmist to assert that the execrable Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is in a purposeful confrontation with the American people. A blue-uniformed, official, we-always-win confrontation. No, they're just trying to do the right thing and keep the skies safe.

So what if the TSA's attitude seems quickly to have come up to speed with and fallen in behind that of a rather famous frequent flier whom nobody pats, and who has advised, "Don't think we're not keeping score, brother"?

And who cares if no less an authority than the former director of TSA security operations, Mo McGowan, said last Tuesday that "[n]obody likes havin' their fourth amendment violated goin' through a security line, but the truth of the matter is, we're goin' to have to do it." 'Course, he could have been just kiddin'.
Again, read the entire article.

There is a solution to this, you know. What has happened is the government has interposed itself into a private transaction. You pay the airline company for your ticket, and you board that company's aircraft, but between the purchase of the ticket and boarding the aircraft, some government goons feel you up, or look at your naked body. If you resist, they arrest you.  Now, while the government can not (theoretically) violate your rights without probable cause and a warrant, the airline certainly can. We need to return security of the airlines to the airlines themselves. Let the airlines innovate, such as pre-screening frequent fliers and those who submit to it. That would eliminate perhaps 90% of the airport screenings.  Let the airline take responsibility for getting you safely to your destination.  Ticket prices will necessarily go up, as they will have more liability, but the cost would be far less that what we are paying for TSA.  Better still, our liberties will remain intact.

The security theatre now being played out across the land is just that.  We are not made safer, but our liberties are being eroded by the very government that is supposed to protect them.  Naturally, they are claiming necessity.  As the English would say, bolox.  At the same time, the Left is preparing to go into the streets and begin making it uncomfortable for us from below.  The hope is that we will look for a savior to bring order.  We must stand our ground, and insist on our Constitutional rights.  But to do that, we must be prepared.  Have you stocked up on food and ammunition?  You may be needing them.


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