Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is Renee Ellmers being Al Frankened?

I've been out of pocket the last two days, while I've been earning some money.  But I've been following the events to our east, in the 2nd NC District, where Renee Ellmers, the Tea Party candidate beat incumbent Bob Ethridge for the Congressional seat.  It was a stunning victory, in a tight race.

Then, out of the blue, Samson County officials announced that they had "found" some ballots had not been counted, and surprise, surprise, Ethridge had picked up 453 votes, which put Ethridge within the required 1% of votes to enable him to call for a recount.  Naturally, Ethridge did call for that recount.  If, and I emphasize the "if,"  Bob Ethridge was planning to Al Franken his way to victory,  "finding" some mysteriously uncounted ballots that just happen to break his way and enable him to recount his way to victory would be the scenario he would desire.  And here it is.  What do ya know?

Samson County officials "explanation" is no explanation at all.  They claim that 3 of 4 early voting sites were not included in the tally released Tuesday night, but that the count is now correct.  Huh?  Whenever the polls close, polling officials must submit the counts to the County electronically, and then courier the tape from the counting machine to the County that night.  Along with that tape, they must also include all provisional ballots voted, an accounting of all the ballots originally sent to the polling place, spoiled ballots, etc.  The Chief Judge delivers each of these items, in sealed bags, the seals having been signed by all three judges prior to forwarding these to the County.  So, County officials had these results from all three early voting sites prior to election day.

Republican National Committee officials at first declined to help Ms. Ellmers in her recount battle, but seem to have relented after being put to shame by Rush Limbaugh on his radio program yesterday.  Of course, Ellmers could use a little help from anyone who can spare as little as $10 to help with the effort.

If, and again I emphasize the "if" it can be shown that Bob Ethridge is pursuing an Al Franken strategy, there are things you can do is to publicly shame him, Alinski style.  Take every opportunity to point out that Renee Ellmers is being Al Frankened.  When talk turns to the Ethridge-Ellmers recount, as it inevitably will around the water cooler, accuse him of trying to Al Franken Ellmers.  If you see him at a restaurant or shopping, make a show of not being where he is because he is trying to Al Frankened his way into another term in Congress. Make both Ethridge, and Franken's name a swear word, like being Borked.

As a voter, you should take this very personally, because Ethridge is trying to disenfranchise you.  If he wins, he will not be your legitimate representative, Renee Ellmers will be.  And remember this, when people say you are being unfair, or over the top...well...we learned it from the Left.

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